Shure Songwriter Savings Sale!

Shure Songwriter Savings Sale!

By Front End Audio on May 5th 2022

Shure Songwriter Savings Sale!

Shure Microphones is celebrating SongWriters Month, with savings up to 20% off on select Shure products. Thru May 31st, 2022, you can take advantage on the great deals on the following Shure products:

BETA Series:

Beta 27, Beta 52A, Beta 56A, Beta 57A, Beta87C, Beta 87A, Beta 91A, Beta 98AD/C, Beta 98AMP/C, Beta 98AMP/C-3PK, Beta 98H/C, and Beta 181

KSM Series:

KSM8/B, KSM8/N, KSM9HS, KSM32/CG, KSM32/SLKSM32/SL, KSM44A/SL, KSM137/SL, KSM137/SL Stereo, KSM141/SL, KSM141/SL StereoKSM141/SL Stereo, KSM313/NE, and KSM353/ED

As well as the classic SM57 and SM58 dynamic microphones.

You can never have too many mics, so load up on some of these great studio and stage tools!

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