Shure Songwriter Savings Sale!

Shure Songwriter Savings Sale!

May 5th 2022

Shure Microphones is celebrating SongWriters Month, with savings up to 20% off on select Shure products. Thru May 31st, 2022, you can take advantage on the great deals on the following Shure products:

BETA Series:

Beta 27, Beta 52A, Beta 56A, Beta 57A, Beta87C, Beta 87A, Beta 91A, Beta 98AD/C, Beta 98AMP/C, Beta 98AMP/C-3PK, Beta 98H/C, and Beta 181

KSM Series:

KSM8/B, KSM8/N, KSM9HS, KSM32/CG, KSM32/SLKSM32/SL, KSM44A/SL, KSM137/SL, KSM137/SL Stereo, KSM141/SL, KSM141/SL StereoKSM141/SL Stereo, KSM313/NE, and KSM353/ED

As well as the classic SM57 and SM58 dynamic microphones.

You can never have too many mics, so load up on some of these great studio and stage tools!

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