Recorders & Players

Recorders & Players at Front End Audio

Front End Audio carries a comprehensive selection of Recorders & Players chosen to meet your needs and expectations in the studio or while on stage. Front End Audio's staff brings years of professional studio and live sound experience to the table. Need help deciding? Just contact Front End Audio and we are happy to help you select the correct gear that will best meet your needs and expectations.

About Recorders & Players

Recorders & Players are used daily in every single production studio across the globe. From CD Players to DVD Players, from Stereo to Multi-Track; Recorders & Players are an integral part of any studio or live sound rig. These come in various sizes, from small portable handheld devices designed for the engineer on the go to larger rack mountable units mounted in studio an production facilities. They also come is various channel configurations to simple stereo recording to larger multi-channel capabilities.  

Recorders & Players Types

Front End Audio sells a variety of Muli-Track, Stereo, Remote Controls and Accessories for your Recorders & Players.