Acoustic Treatment

Are you having problems with room acoustics or are you putting together an acoustic designing? Does you room have echoes and flutters? Is your room bass heavy? Are your mixes not translating? No problem, Front End Audio can help! Front End Audio carries a large assortment of Acoustical Treatment products from diffusion and absorption panels to complete acoustic room kits. Our staff is experts in diagnosing acoustical problems and finding solutions. So no matter what your application or budget may be, we can help. Check out our acoustic products and solutions or just contact Front End Audio and we will be happy to talk Acoustics with you!

Acoustic Treatment at Front End Audio

Front End Audio sells Acoustic Treatment products and solutions from Auralex and Primacoustic. These are the leading acoustic developers in the industry and nobody know their products better that Front End Audio!

About Acoustic Treatment

Acoustics may be one of the most overlooked and problematic areas in any studio. Acoustic problems often result from improper design or from construction limitations. Regardless, even the most seasoned engineers can face challenges in tuning even the best of rooms. Lets face it, sound is energy and it will either be absorbed, reflected or diffused. There are many factors that influence the "sonic signature" of a given space but understanding how to handle that energy while emphasizing the desired acoustic features is paramount.

Acoustic Treatment Types

Front End Audio sell Isolation Panels, Acoustic Room Solutions, Absorption Panels, Diffusion Panels, Bass Traps and Acoustical Accessories