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The ProSoCoustics Mini 4 Acoustic Panel Kit offers a unique combination of absorption and diffusion, making it an excellent solution for improving room acoustics.

ProSoCoustic’s WAVEPro Series offers a unique combination of absorption and diffusion, making it an excellent solution for improving room acoustics. With a diffusor pattern inside each panel, these acoustic treatment panels provide greater absorption efficiency while taking up less space than competing products. Installation is made easy with machine screw inserts that allow for quick and secure attachment using just one pair of 18″ Z-Clips. For extra durability, additional machine screw inserts are included to accommodate extra Z-Clips, making the panels suitable for high-traffic areas or when hanging from the ceiling.

Unique Frame Enhances Sound Absorption with Built-in Diffusion
Experience the ultimate in sound absorption and diffusion with the WAVEPro Series’ one-of-a-kind frame design. Unlike traditional acoustic treatment panels, the WAVEPro Series’ frame is specially engineered to enhance sound absorption with built-in diffusion. Crafted from UltraStock® FR MDF panel, which boasts a Class A Fire Rating and contains no added formaldehyde, each WAVEPro frame is machine-cut to create our special diffusion design. This ensures that every panel is of the highest quality and provides the most effective diffusion properties. With FSC and Eco-Certification, you can trust that our frame design is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Upgrade your sound treatment setup with the WAVEPro Series’ unique frame design for ultimate sound absorption and diffusion.

Direct In, Multiple Outs
Say goodbye to traditional acoustic panels that simply reflect unabsorbed sound waves back in the same direction they came from. The WAVEPro Series’ internal diffusor redirects sound waves in multiple directions, maximizing sound absorption and distribution. With WAVEPro, you can achieve the most effective acoustic treatment on the market with fewer panels. The internal diffusor ensures that each panel absorbs more sound, while also distributing reflected sound throughout your space. Upgrade your acoustic treatment setup with WAVEPro’s direct in, multiple outs design for maximum sound absorption and distribution. Enjoy clearer, more accurate sound with fewer panels and achieve the best possible acoustics for your space.

The Superior Absorption Choice
Upgrade your acoustic treatment setup with ProSoCoustic’s premium absorption choice – ROCKWOOL ROCKBOARD® 40 stone wool. Made from a unique mixture of basalt and steel slag, this material offers superior sound absorption, as well as health, safety, and sustainability benefits over traditional materials like fiberglass or foam. Basalt, the most common type of volcanic rock, melts at around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while slag is a by-product of the steel manufacturing industry. When liquid-hot basalt is mixed with steel slag, the combination is spun into threads that are compressed into sheets. Unlike other materials, stone wool does not retain mold or bacteria and melts at 2200 degrees F after 2 hours of exposure. With no binding agents or glues used in the manufacturing process, there are no flames, smoke, or off-gassing. Stone wool’s non-linear threads ensure top-of-the-industry absorption qualities, making it the best choice for your acoustic treatment needs.

Z-Clips Make Installation A Breeze
Installing acoustic panels has never been easier with ProSoCoustic’s WAVEPro Series Z-Clips. Simply attach one clip to the wall and the other to the back of the panel, and slide into place. At 18 inches long, there’s ample room for adjustments; all you have to do is make sure it’s level. Plus, with the option to add another set of Z-Clips to the other end of the panel, you can ensure a secure installation in high-traffic areas or when hanging panels from the ceiling. WAVEPro panels also come with standard #10-24 machine screw inserts, allowing you to easily add eye bolts and hang your panels as clouds. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to hassle-free acoustic treatment with ProSoCoustic’s Z-Clips.

ProSoCoustics Mini 4 Acoustic Panel Kit Features

  • Frame: WAVEPro’s internal diffusion pattern is machine-cut from UltraStock® FR MDF panels in collaboration with Georgia-Pacific.
  • Diffusion: With diffusion inside each WAVEPro panel, soundwaves are deflected in various directions, increasing how much sound each panel can absorb.
  • Acoustic Material: Rockwool Rockboard 40 combined with internal diffusion, WAVEPro panels are up to 70% more effective than foam and up to 40% more effective than fiberglass.
  • Mounting: Panels include machine screw inserts complemented by 18” Z- Clips to provide simple, sturdy, non-permanent installation.
  • Fabric Attachment: A screen spline insert holds fabric in place and provides proper fabric tensioning. Easy to remove for quick fabric replacement.
  • Fabric: 100% polyester acoustic grade Diamond Knit fabric.

ProSoCoustics Mini 4 Acoustic Panel Kit Includes

  • 4x 1 Inch Black WAVEPro Panels - 12" x 12"
  • 4x Sets of Z-Clips (8")

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