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Introducing the Tube-Tech HLT2A Equalizer

Jan 30th 2023
We recently had the opportunity to demo the Tube-Tech HLT2A Equalizer at Front End Audio and WOW! This EQ is powerful.

Introducing the new SPL Crescendo Duo V2 Preamp

Jan 30th 2023
The SPL Crescendo Duo V2 Preamp dual-channel microphone preamplifier with 120V technology receives a facelift in the n

The ADK T-FET Microphone Collection

Jan 27th 2023
The ADK T‑FET Microphone Collection is a range of large‑diaphragm, transformer-coupled condenser microphones which use the

Introducing the new Fredenstein Artistic MicPre SE 500-Series Preamp

Jan 26th 2023
The Fredenstein Artistic MicPre SE 500-Series Preamp is the latest member of the Fredenstein Value Line of 500 se

Introducing the new Heritage Audio Lang Electronics PEQ-2 Equalizer

Jan 23rd 2023
The Lang Electronics PEQ-2 Equalizer by Heritage Audio is an authentic reissue of the rare LANG PEQ-2 Program Eq

Introducing the ADK Munich M-7 T-FET Microphone

Jan 13th 2023
The ADK Munich M-7 T-FET Microphone is the most vintage sounding of all the T-FETs. Inspired by the Neumann M7 Capsule

Introducing the Universal Audio Sphere DLX and LX Modeling Microphones

Jan 11th 2023
The  Universal Audio Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone and Universal Audio Sphere LX Modeling Microphone build

January Promotions at Front End Audio

Jan 5th 2023
It's a brand new year packed with brand new gear from Gainlab Audio, Elysia, SPL and more! Plus, Rupert

The Pinnacle Fat Top Ribbon Microphone

Jan 3rd 2023
The Fat Top Ribbon Microphone from Pinnacle Microphones (formerly Cascade Microphones) is a short passive ri

The Tierra Audio New Twenties Microphone

Dec 30th 2022
The New Twenties Microphone from Tierra Audio is built like a tank, but with the aesthetics and sound of the

Introducing the Gainlab Audio Bishop Tube Channel Strip

Dec 21st 2022
The Bishop Tube Channel Strip by Gainlab Audio is an all tube channel strip with a tube mic preamp, dual slo

Introducing the Mesanovic Microphones CDM65 Studio Monitors

Dec 16th 2022
The CDM65 Studio Monitors by Mesanovic Microphones are small-format, 3-way active DSP near field monitors with wi