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Antelope Zen Q USB Synergy Core Audio Interface

Jan 18th 2022
The Antelope Zen Q USB Synergy Core Audio Interface has been officially announced. Building on the widely popular Zen Q Synergy Core Audio Interface, the new USB version gives

Presonus Studio One 5.5 is officially released

Jan 11th 2022
Presonus has officially announced and released version 5.5 of their highly acclaimed DAW Studio One (Professional and Artist). Studio One took the audio world by storm when it

Royer Labs dBooster2

Jan 4th 2022
Royer Labs recently released the new dBooster2 "phantom powered, two-channel in-line level booster/buffer for passive ribbon and dynamic microphones, and each channel doubles

Daking Mic Pre 4T Microphone Preamp Announced

Dec 20th 2021
Daking has officially announced their new Mic Pre 4T Four Channel Microphone Preamp. The Daking Mic Pre 4T Microphone Preamp is a cost-effective solution for high-end preamps,

Gainlab Announces the Dictator DM (Dual Mono)

Dec 15th 2021
Gainlab has announce their Dictator DM (Dual Mono) Variable-Mu style compressor. This is a welcome addition to the line that sits right next to the original stereo only Dictat

Focusrite Clarett + Announced!

Dec 6th 2021
Focusrite has just announced the evolution of the Clarett Audio Interface line to the new Clarett+ edition. In a statement on there website, Focusrite noted:"Clarett+ builds o

Rupert Neve Designs releases the Limited Edition 5025 Dual Shelford Mic Pre

Nov 17th 2021
Rupert Neve Designs as officially released the limited edition 5025 dual channel Shelford mic preamp.“The Shelford Channel is the definitive evolution of the original technolo

Vintech X73 vs. X73i - What's the difference?

Nov 11th 2021
Though both the Vintech X73 and Vintech X73i designs are the same and are assembled in the USA, the X73i is built with less labor intensive parts and is the more affordable

The Warm Audio WA-8000 is here!

Oct 5th 2021
Warm Audio has announced their all new WA-8000, a mic inspired by the iconic Sony C800. In a press release, Warm Audio has stated:"The WA-8000 is faithfully inspired by the mo

API announces their all new “API Select” line of studio gear

Aug 3rd 2021
API has announced their new line of studio gear under the “API Select” line. The Select line was created to complement their classic line of mic pres, eqs, and compressors.

API joins the guitar pedal game

Aug 3rd 2021
API has recently announced two new guitar pedals. This coming along side the announcement of the new “API Select” line of outboard gear.When you think of API, you do not thi

Austrian Audio introduces the Hi-X65 Headphones

May 21st 2021
"The Austrian Audio Hi-X65 Headphones and designed with mixing and mastering in mind. They are built to satisfy the need for close, precise listening at these critical stages