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The Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET Microphone

Aug 19th 2022
At first glance, the Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 may look like a high-end vintage tube mic, but in actuality it’s a solid state FET condenser mic capable of producing th

Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic visits Front End Audio

Aug 17th 2022
This month, Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic stopped by our office for a full day of training on a few of SSL’s most popular products including THE BUS+ Stereo Bus

Direct Sound Announces New DS-73 and DS-74 Monitoring Headphones

Aug 12th 2022
The new Direct Sound DS-73 and DS-74 headphones are professional monitoring headphones designed for critical listening, mixing and mastering applications. Both are effectiv

Golden Age Introduces the New Pre-73 Jr Premier Preamp

Aug 10th 2022
The new Golden Age Pre-73 Jr Premier Preamp is a one channel microphone and instrument preamp that has been designed with the intention to produce similar tone and charac

The Heritage Audio Herchild 660 & Herchild 670 Tube Compressors Have Arrived!

Aug 9th 2022
After decades of being so rare, hard to come by, nearly impossible to acquire and considered mystical by any audio professional, most people just assumed they'll never be able

Snarky Puppy Uses 26 Lauten Audio Mics on New Album “Empire Central”

Aug 3rd 2022
Snarky Puppy Uses 26 Lauten Audio Mics on New Album “Empire Central”. The list of Lauten Audio microphones used on the Empire Central sessions includes four Lauten Audio LA-12

Introducing the Austrian Audio OC16 Microphone!

Aug 2nd 2022
Austrian Audio has just released the brand-new Austrian Audio OC16 Microphone! The OC16 is part of the "Open Condenser" series of microphones with Open Acoustics technolo

​Introducing the New Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

Aug 2nd 2022
Here at Front End Audio, we've been checking out the BRAND NEW Lindell Audio Lin 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier which recreates nuances of vintage-era ‘76-style FET compressors

New from Antelope! Zen Go Synergy Core Thunderbolt!

Aug 1st 2022
Antelope has just released the new Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core Thunderbolt Audio Interface! This is the Thunderbolt 3 version of the very popular Zen Go Synerg

August Promotions at Front End Audio

Aug 1st 2022
The sales and promotions at Front End Audio just keeping rolling in! Hot deals all month long from some of your favorite brands including SSL, Universal Audio, Antelope Audio,

Introducing the NEW Antelope Edge Note Modeling Microphone!

Aug 1st 2022
Antelope has just announced the new Antelope Edge Note Modeling Microphone! The Edge Note is a next generation modeling microphone with impressive recording cap

The Neumann M 49 Microphone Is Back!

Aug 1st 2022
Neumann has just released the Neumann M 49 V Tube Microphone, a reissue of the iconic Neumann M 49! The Neumann M 49 was one of the microphones that changed the landscape