Handcrafted Labs Varis Compressor

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Handcrafted Labs Varis Compressor

The Handcrafted Labs Varis Compressor is a mastering grade all tube hand built point-to-point design Vari-MU compressor.

First of all, boy it looks good in the rack. But more over, there's the circuitry that gives absolutely staggering sound, as smooth as it can be, with hugely valvey character and plenty of headroom to play with, not to mention exceptional control over compression. The thing is massive! And in terms of mastering you can get 8-10 db of gain reduction and your program would still sound musical with no “compressor feeling”. Those who know how much it’s worth in mastering chain would appreciate this. Precision rotary pots for fine level adjustment separately for triode and pentode modes of operation. Sidechain insert input on the back panel (TRS) and sidechain sensitivity switch. Mid-Side Option is now a Standard!

Handcrafted Labs Varis Compressor Specifications

  • Input Impedance: 600 Оhm
  • Output Impedance: 600 Оhm
  • Nominal Level: +4 dBu
  • Max. Level: +22 dBu
  • Max. Amplification: 10 dBu
  • Output circuit: pentode/triode (switch)
  • Compressor Side chain Filter: 75/150 Hz
  • M-S Coding/decoding: Transformer
  • Frequency range: 16Hz … 22 kHz +/- 1dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: -91 dB
  • THD at 1kHz and +16 dB: less then 0.4%
  • Power Supply: 115/230V 50-60Hz

Handcrafted Labs Varis Compressor Includes

  • Varis Compressor
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manual and Warranty Information

What We Think

The Handcrafted Labs Varis Compressor is a very cool comp. While it is built on the Variable-Mu foundation, it is anything but a Fairchild clone.Yes, there is that familiarity to it - for anyone that has used a Vaiable-Mu type compressor, but the Varis offers a lot more. The Varis really provides a new level of tonal shaping to it, from feed back and feed forward modes, as well as separate triode and pentode modes, and Mid/Side processing. The comp can get fast and grabby, or smooth and musical, all while maintaining a 3D rich tube character. The Varis is one of those pieces that can handle everything from tracking, to mixing, to mastering - easily adapting to the task at hand. This is the type of gear that brings a smile to your face.

-Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sale Manager.

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