Microphones at Front End Audio

Front End Audio has microphones galore - and know them, we do! Tube Microphones, Ribbon Microphones, Dynamic Microphones, Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones, Small Diaphragm... you name it! There is a plethora of microphones to choose from, and it can be a bit overwhelming to know which microphone or microphone combinations are going to compliment the sound you're trying to achieve. Never fear! Front End Audio's staff brings years of professional studio and live sound experience to the table. In fact, we work to make it easy by creating exclusive Front End Audio Microphone Packages as well as Microphone / Preamp Bundles, as well. Combine that with a genuine obsession with audio gear and the art of integrating it all with the proper preamps, outboard gear, consoles, recorders, and DAWs for flawless performance, and Front End Audio is your best choice for making the right decision for you. Need help deciding on a microphone? Just contact Front End Audio and we are happy to help you select the correct Microphones that will best meet your needs and expectations.

About Microphones

The variety of Microphones that we find in Recording Studios, on Stages across the world covers a lot of ground and is where we can really make (or break) the sound since it is the first transducer the audio sees. It is literally where the audio is captured! And how that audio is captured is a critical step in defining the character of your finished product. Why? Because no matter what you do down the line in regards to hardware and software manipulation, the truth is that if you make the correct choices from the beginning, the resulting audio is far and away better. Microphone selection is borne of extensive experience and certainly is an art! It's all about knowing your subject, the chosen canvas, brushes, paints, the resulting textures, and just how a shift in one affects the others. So, put against the contextual analogy of painting, you can see that there are a LOT of variables in the overall recording chain which translate to differences in the final sound. And microphones play perhaps the most dramatic role in the process. Small differences in the design of the dynamic or condenser capsule or ribbon motor, tuning of the capsule, circuit design and composition, choice of transformer (and sometimes no transformer), tubes/valves, size of the transducer, and eventually which preamp you choose can result in either giving you an inspiring sound, or a hot-mess that you're likely going to have to live with. And we'd prefer to get you started on the correct foot, right from the start! The staff here at Front End Audio is willing, ready, and able to help guide you through the myriad options to help you get the sound you're after. Regardless of your budget or application, Front End Audio can help you decide on the microphones that will meet your needs and elevate the quality of your work.

Microphones Types

Front End Audio sells various types Condenser microphones, Dynamic Microphones, Tube Microphones, Ribbon Microphones, USB Microphones and Microphone Accessories.