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PA Systems at Front End Audio

Front End Audio carries a comprehensive selection of PA Systems chosen to meet your needs and expectations when setting up your live sound system. There's such a wide variety of components that go into PA System together that it can be a bit overwhelming to know which specific components are going to be right for you. Never fear! Front End Audio's staff brings years of professional live sound experience to the table. Combine that with a genuine obsession with audio gear and the art of integrating it all for flawless performance, and Front End Audio is your best choice for making the right decision for you. Need help deciding on a PA Systems? Just contact Front End Audio and we are happy to help you select the correct gear that will best meet your needs and expectations.

About PA Systems

Having a proper PA System is crucial to conveying the passion and energy of a performance to your audience. A PA System in the simplest form is a collection of audio components such as Loudspeakers, Stage Monitors and Power Amplifiers designed to amplify and transmit audio or a sound source to group of people or location. These systems are typically used for live music performances but can be used in industrial, commercial and educational applications. PA Systems are typically categorized into Active (powered) or Passive (non-powered) Systems based on their power rating and speaker sizes. Smaller powered system are ideal for traveling musician or bands playing to a small group of people or small venue. While much larger non-powered systems are found and needed in larger venues, such as arenas and stadiums, where more control of the PA power and configurations are needed.

PA Systems Types

Front End Audio sells a variety of Packaged PA Systems, Speakers, Subwoofers, Stage Monitors, Commercial & Install, Mounting Devices and Accessories for you PA System needs.