Front End Audio offers you an assortment of Studio Furniture to help you rack and organize your gear so that it works for your unique needs. We’ve got functional and customizable studio workstations, portable rack stands so your gear can go on the move with you, panels to fill any ugly spaces in your racks, and many more options that give you the opportunity to organize your gear, because Front End Audio understand that each and every studio, whether it’s home or professional, has its own particular arrangements and requirements. Heck, we even appreciate that each technician within the same studio has his or her own personal preferences on how gear should be organized. We want to help you create that happy place for you and your gear, so if you don’t see something you need reach out to one of our helpful staff members to see about creating a custom piece of furniture. Just contact Front End Audio today to help you find the studio furniture that will meet your needs.

Studio Furniture at Front End Audio

Front End Audio sells Studio Furniture manufactured by Omnirax, Zaor, Raxxess, On-Stage Stands, Samson, and more!

About Studio Furniture

The Studio Furniture options you can find at Front End Audio are practically endless when you consider most desks can be customized by you for your specific requirements. And the fact is you will require some type of studio furniture or furniture accessory no matter what type of studio you’ve designed. You’ve paid hard earned money for your equipment; that gear should be easily accessible and organized. That is what good studio furniture can do for you – give you the perfect desk that fits your room and gear, holds stackable rack gear in place, provides a shelf where needed, and much more.

Studio Furniture Types

Front End Audio sells various types of furniture which include Studio Desks, Studio Racks, Rack Panels, and Rack Accessories.