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The Funk Logic Palindrometer 303 Rack Panel is back by popular demand. With a fresh new look that screams style forward and backwards, the Palindrometer 303 will make sure your rack looks great, and make your audio even better - no matter which direction you go!

Pal-in-drome (noun): A word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. Looking cool is half the battle. Your rack will look fully rigged out and slammin' when you fill in those dark, empty spaces in your rack with this panel with clever knob names.

The Funk Logic Palindrometer 303 Rack Panel has been reworked for a fresh new look, and is sure to add character to your studio. We all have empty spaces in our studio racks, and open spaces, blank panels, and vented panels just don't cut it. So add some visual character, knobs and switches to play with (or adjust when the bass player comments on how to improve the mix), and a splash of humor to go along with it. The LED on the panel is now powered with a simple mini-USB phone charger, so no more worrying about changing batteries!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! - The Palindrometer is also available in a 1U Palindrometer 101, 2U Palindrometer 202, and 500 Series Palindrometer 505! So no matter the size of your empty spaces or how many you have, there is a Palindrometer that is perfect for you!

Funk Logic Palindrometer 303 Rack Panel Features

  • Fills with glee, spaces of three
  • Weighs almost 33% more than the Palindrometer 202!
  • Think of this as the double stuffed cream filled cookie
  • Lights up with use of the Funk Logic Palindrometer Power Cable
  • Fungible!

Funk Logic Palindrometer 303 Rack Panel Specifications

  • Visiual: Whitty and cool!
  • Requires: 10/32 screws (Sold Separately)!
  • Frequency Response: 0Hz-0Hz Completely Flat!
  • Self Noise: 0dB - Quietest piece of gear on the market!
  • THD: <0, Literally more transparent than air!
  • Power Requirements: Optional mini-USB phone charger

Funk Logic Palindrometer 303 Rack Panel Includes

  • 1 x Funk Logic 3 space rack panel
  • Manufacturer's warranty

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What We Think


All jokes aside, we here at Front End Audio love the Funk Logic Palindrometer Rack Panels! These all have real high-quality pots that you can turn and switches you can flip! Also, on all but the 500-Series version, there's even a red LED light that can turn on. The 500-Series version has an actual red crystal that reflects light. These look like functional pieces of audio gear! The control names are all palindromes, so they come off funny and playful, but that's the point! If you're saving up for a piece of gear and want to fill those dark, sad, and lonely rack spaces with something cool, grab a Funk Logic Palindrometer! There’s a version for 1U, 2U, 3U, and 500-Series.

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