Leave Product Reviews, Earn Discounts

For a limited time earn up to a 10% discount on your next order just by taking the time to leave a few product reviews. For every qualified review you leave you will receive a 2% discount. You can leave up to 5 reviews for a maximum 10% discount!  Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the corresponding product pages and leave up to 5 qualified product reviews.
  2. Fill out the submit form below to let us know once you are done.
  3. Receive your discount code via email and go shopping!

Commonly asked questions are outlined below.

How do I write a review?

Click on any product and click the "Write a Review" link directly above the product picture. You will be taken to a form where you can enter your review and submit it. However, you must have a user account on the Front End Audio website or you will need to create one to have the ability to leave a review.

What is a qualified review?

A qualified review must be minimally 25 words. Qualified reviews should not contain HTML, references to other retailers, contain personal information, or include any profane, inflammatory or copyrighted comments. You cannot submit the same review twice. A Front End Audio moderator reads every review to ensure that they comply with our guidelines.

How do I receive my discount?

Once you have written your reviews simply fill out the submission form above and submit it to Front End Audio. Your discount code will be emailed so make sure you have entered a valid email address.

Am I eligible for multiple discount codes?

Yes, you can leave a total of 15 reviews and receive a total of 30% discount on a combination of 5 orders. Meaning, you can leave 5 reviews for 10%, then come back and leave 4 different reviews for 8%, then come back and leave 3 different reviews for 6%, etc. However, these discount codes can only be used once and can not be used together on the same order. So, in total you can receive 5 codes (10%, 8%, 6%, 4%, 2%) by leaving a total of 15 different reviews but you can only use each code once and only once per order.

Do I have to write positive reviews to receive the discount?

No. Our visitors want to know about the good and the bad. Because both negative and positive reviews factor into buying decisions, you earn your discount for a high-quality negative review just as you do for a high-quality positive review.

Can I write a review for a product that isn't on Front End Audio?

Currently, you can only write a review for a product that is sold on the Front End Audio website. We are constantly adding new lines and products so if there's a line or product that you would like to see on Front End Audio, please let us know. ( Click Here To Contact Us.)

Are there any exceptions to the discount code?

Okay, there are a few of exceptions. 1) You can't use this discount code in combination with any other offers, specials or discount codes and it cannot be used towards any items already discounted in our clearance center. 2) Due to the special nature of some of our lines discounts will not be eligible. 3) The discount code cannot be used toward prior or pending orders and must be used at the time of purchase.