Auralex MAX-Wall 200 Modular Acoustic System


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The Auralex MAX-Wall 200 Modular Acoustic System is a portable acoustical treatment system with excellent broadband absorption and a fairly high degree of isolation, by virtue of the thickness and density of the panels.

Its NRC is1.05 and it comes in three colors and a variety of sizes. The patented, modular, interlocking design allows for adjustable panel height and a gap-free enclosure that offers seemingly endless configuration possibilities. Each panel is 48″ wide by 20″ tall by 4″ thick and most MAX-Wall models come complete with MAX-Stands and MAX-Wall Clamps (these help keep the panels at whatever height your particular needs dictate). Plus, for those instances where sight lines are desirable, an acrylic window MAX-Wall panel is also offered. Bonus Tips: Position MAX-Wall panels behind you when mixing and you’ll be amazed at how much better you hear into the source material. Also, position MAX-Wall a few inches out from the rear wall of your control room, where it will function as a very effective axial mode bass trap.

MAX-Wall stands for Mobile Absorptive eXpandable Wall. This stand-mounted, portable, highly adaptable treatment system is a favorite of some of our most famous clients, and it will be a wonderful addition to your setup.

Auralex MAX-Wall 200 Modular Acoustic System Includes

  • (2) 20"x48" MAX-Wall Panels

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    Perfect for a temporary podcaster booth!
    Shawn Hesketh

    I create screencast tutorials in my home office, and needed an easy, but effective solution for creating a temporary vocal booth. The MAX-Wall panels are perfect, as I can simply set them on either side of my computer while recording, and virtually all the room noise is eliminated. When I'm finished recording, I can simply stow the panels away, making this an ideal home recording booth. I tried less expensive “egg crate” foam from a local company who advertised it as “soundproofing quality,” but the 4" egg crate foam barely muffles highs, and does nothing to other frequencies. The Auralex MAX-Wall panels, on the other hand, block nearly all of the sound, leaving almost nothing to echo around the room. I'll be purchasing another couple of these panels to add a little more height to my temporary booth. And, if I added a MAXWIN-KIT panel, I could further isolate my computer from the mic, while still being able to see the screen through it. All in all, an excellent product!