Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit

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Auralex MAX-Wall
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Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit

Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit, Bill Gates ain't got windows like these.

Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit Details

Mobile, Absorptive, eXpandable - The MAX-Wall Modular Acoustical Environment is everything you've always wanted from your acoustical treatments.

Auralex MAX-Wall is perfect if you're renting a space and don't want to - or aren't allowed to - mount anything to your walls, or if your place needs to serve a variety of acoustical purposes. You can set up your MAX-Wall in minutes with no tools, no adhesive, no fuss. The MAX-Wall mounts on our MAX-Stands that have an extension, allowing you to raise the MAX-Wall to a height of 8 feet. You'll also receive MAX-Clips to place under the panels for added support. And you can add additional MAX-Wall panels as your needs grow. Start off with one of our 4 kits and go from there. Build your own set-up with additional MAX-Wall 200s or other accessories.

The Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit includes a 20"x48" MAX-Wall panel with an 18"x12" Plexiglass-type window.

Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit Features

  • NRC: 1.05
  • Qty: Kit includes (1) MW-panel w/18"x12" window
  • Colors: Charcoal Gray, Purple, Burgundy

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