Auralex Great Gramma II Isolation Platform


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The Auralex Great Gramma II Isolation Platform is almost 30% bigger to float large speaker cabinets. Just float your gear on the Auralex Great GRAMMA and enjoy acoustic isolation and purer tone.

The Auralex Great GRAMMA is perfectly sized for your 4x12", 15" or 18" speaker cabinets - it can accommodate gear up to 300 lbs. The Great GRAMMA gives you improved clarity and tone.This is an exciting solution for countless studio engineers and performing musicians. If you've ever brought your guitar amplifier out to a small gig or practice space and placed it on the floor, then you've probably experienced that uncontrollable "rumble" as your amp vibrates with the floor. Not only does it muddy up your tone, but it can sometimes overwhelm the room with bass - killing the overall band mix. Fortunately the acoustic experts at Auralex designed their GRAMMA risers. The Auralex Great GRAMMA uses acoustic studio foam to "float" your gear, greatly decoupling it, and giving you better tone and clarity.

Auralex Great Gramma II Isolation Platform Features

  • A tighter, more focused low end
  • Hear the true sound of your amp, loudspeaker or subwoofer
  • Instantly improve your sound on-stage or in the studio
  • 30″ long x 19″ wide x 1.75″ high
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs.

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  • 5
    excellent for heavy amp

    bought 5 of these to float 5 mono blocks and am extremely satisfied. better quality than i expected for the money and seems to work as well as the stands i had before. will not rip carpet everytime you move your amp and have had no vibration issues from my 2 subs. highly recommend.

  • 5
    Really Works!
    Roger Schmitz

    Just like decoupling your monitors, the Gramma tightens the lows and mids, giving your tone more focus, less mud, and better transient response. You'll get more flexibility with eq settings and any effects processing will sound a little better as well. For all the money we spend on our pursuit of killer tone, the is the cheapest way to immediately improve it and a no-brainer.