JoeCo BlueBox 24B 24-Track Recorder


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The JoeCo BlueBox 24B 24-Track Recorder BBWR24B offers 24 balanced line inputs, 24 balanced outputs and 16 Lightpipe inputs with SMUX11 support for higher sample rates - making it Equally at home in a Live or Studio environment.

The BBWR24B can also back-up all of your source recordings, all of the time, providing the ultimate safeguard against unexpected DAW freeze and failure. Each BBWR24B can carry up to 24 channels of 24bit/96kHz audio in both directions simultaneously over USB 2.0. All local recordings are professional standard broadcast WAV files (BWF) on universally accepted FAT32 disk format. The USB 2.0 host interface supports both Windows (via dedicated drivers) and Mac (via Core Audio) with a locally generated zero latency monitor mix for monitoring during overdubs.

While the BBWR24B offers front panel access to core controls, users can access a wealth of control and customisation using the JoeCoControl app for Windows or Mac. In addition to the launch of the affordable BBWR24B, a substantial update to the JoeCoControl app will also make its debut at The NAMM Show, bringing new added-value features across the entire BLUEBOX range.

JoeCo BlueBox 24B 24-Track Recorder Features

  • Full control over input parameters
  • Dedicated mode selection for Live, Studio and Mix down situations
  • Creation of multiple zero latency headphone sub-mixes with gain, pan, solo, mute, and PFL
  • Support for in-studio talkback and studio monitor switching capabilities
  • Mono/stereo/left/right/reverse monitor switching, plus dim, mute, solo and PFL
  • A dedicated transport control panel with record and stop buttons plus useful disk information
  • Mix mode, giving the ability to use a number of outputs and inputs as sends and returns for outboard equipment during mixdown

JoeCo BlueBox 24B 24-Track Recorder Specifications

  • Inputs: 40
  • Mic Preamps / line ins: 24 line inputs / 16ch ADAT Lightpipe inputs
  • Balanced Outputs: 24
  • Headphone outputs: 2 stereo, 2 assignable output feeds
  • General Specifications:
    • Sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
    • Bit depth: 16 / 24 bit
    • Local Disk interface: USB2 (compatible with USB3)
    • Local Disk format: FAT32 – compatible with both Mac and PC
    • Local File format: Broadcast WAV (BWAV)
    • External drive: USB2/3 hard drive or fast memory stick
    • File type: Standard mono Broadcast WAV or multi-channel WAV
    • User interface: Primarily designed for use with the JoeCoControl app or JoeCoRemote iPad app, the unit can also be configured directly from the front panel
  • Audio i/o:
    • Workstation Interface: USB2.0 - up to 24 channels of 24bit 96kHz audio in both directions simultaneously
    • Driver compatibility: Core Audio and Windows drivers
    • Latency: Local foldback mix <10uS; Workstation (depends on spec of computer and plug-ins) typically 6.5mS round trip
    • Local Record/playback: Up to 24 channels @ up to 96kHz / 24 bit
    • Inputs: Switchable microphone / line inputs on channel by channel basis
    • Mic preamps:
      • Gain: 0 - +60dB continuously variable;
      • Soft limiter: software selectable on/off;
      • Hi-pass filter: -6dB @ 100Hz, 12dB/octave
      • Max input level: +21dBu
      • EIN: <-124dBu (20-22kHz)
      • THD: <-110dBFS (20-22kHz @ -10dBFS input)
      • Cross talk rejection: > 80dB @ 20kHz
      • ZIN: >10kOhm (single ended); >2kOhm (differential)
    • Outputs: Artist's stereo headphone output / Engineer's stereo headphone output / 2 stereo artist feeds for feeding external headphone amps
    • E-E:
      • THD+N E-E: < -90 dBFS (unity gain, 20 - 22kHz, unweighted)
      • Frequency response: better than +/- 0.5dB, 20-40kHz @ 96kHz sampling
    • Monitoring: Front-mounted ¼" TRS jack socket: stereo headphone mix, PFL, solo etc (Engineer); Rear-mounted ¼" jack socket for stereo headphone mix only (Artist); 24 line level outputs
  • Control and Synchronisation:
    • Audio clock synchronisation: Word clock, AES/EBU or SPDIF clock, Video reference* and SMPTE linear timecode* (all std frame rates supported)
    • Control: JoeCoControl interface on workstation; JoecoRemote for iPad (requires JoeCoRemote hardware or JoeCo Bluetooth interface); Sony 9-pin and MIDI (MMC) for transport controls
    • Physical: 19” rack-mounted 1U (435x44x170mm) - >3kg Optional 19” rack-mounted 2U breakout panel (XLR) (475mm x 88mm x 35mm) 1kg
    • Power: 12V dc (Kycon 4-pole connector), 35W max. External universal PSU included.

JoeCo BlueBox 24B 24-Track Recorder Includes

  • JoeCo BlueBox 24B 24-Track Recorder
  • Power Supply
  • JoeCoControl app for Windows or Mac (downloadable from JoeCo site)
  • Manual

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