AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones

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AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones

AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones will appeal to a broad range of end users, from studio engineers, to artists, fans and TIËSTO himself - whether in the studio, at a show or on the go.

AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones Details
The "AKG by TIÃ


The 3D-Axis professional folding mechanism allows to fold down into a thin package for transportation. The low weight and the leatherette ear pads provide comfort for many hours. Due to its 40 mm transducer and great sound at high sound pressure levels, the K67 TIÃAKG K67 Tiesto Headphones Features

  • On-ear (supra-aural), closed back design for high noise attenuation
  • Powerful 40 mm driver for high sound pressure levels
  • XRP³ glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts for maximum durability and low weight
  • Professional 3D-Axis folding mechanism for optimum fitting and flat storage
  • Compact, roadworthy design ideal for outdoor use

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