Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module

Malcolm Toft

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The Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module is a unique piece of gear which has the ability to add three different types of harmonic distortion with 4 tonal shaping processing paths. But that is just the beginning, we hope you enjoy creating sonic mayhem!

The Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module is an Analogue Harmonic Distortion Module with 4 tonal shaping processing paths designed for mixing or tracking. The Malcolm Toft designed circuit includes 1970’s inspired EQ and musical filters, alongside an Iron transformer with individual bypass and level control for all distortion elements. The EQ section can be placed pre or post the distortion path and there is a unique SUM mode where the three distortion circuits are fed simultaneously. Designed to "Punish Your Audio" and add harmonic distortion to lifeless tracks, or an element of bite and grit to mixes, or sonic mayhem where required! Designed and made in the UK.

Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module Features

  • 4 Tonal Shaping Processing Paths
  • 3 Different types of distortion : SYM, ASYM and IRON
  • SYM : Symmetrical distortion - where both sides of the waveform are clipped
  • ASYM : Asymmetrical distortion - where only one side of the waveform is clippe
  • IRON : Iron Transformer Saturation
  • Input Drive LED designed to illuminate when a steady signal (or tone) reaches 0dbm
  • Individual Bypass LED switches and Level control for each Distortion Circuit
  • Automatic gain levelling circuitry
  • 1970’s inspired shelving EQ at 100hz and 8khz
  • Sweepable High Pass Filter from 30Hz to 350Hz
  • Sweepable Low Pass Filter from 1.5kHz to 20 kHz
  • Smooth 12db per octave Musical Filter Slopes
  • EQ/Filter circuit can be placed Pre or Post the Distortion Circuits
  • SUM mode feeds the input to all 3 Distortion Circuits simultaneously
  • Overall continuously variable Dry / Wet Mix Control
  • 500 Series format
  • Made in UK

Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module Includes

  • Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    Versatile unit

    There is a lot of tones you can get with this unit... A lot! You got 3 types of distortion, and can run them solo or in any combination... The sound is then also influenced by the EQ pre button, which puts the EQ before the distortion, and also the SUM button which has a calming and slight cleaning up effect. Useful if you have it a bit too much and SUM just tames it a bit. Also there is a mix control and HP/LP filters. Sound quality is great and in use it is a lot of fun to use. It does interact in unexpected ways sometimes so take a minute to learn it. I mostly use it on breakbeats, bass and synths. It can work on anything really though, but of course some sounds not ideal to be distorted lots. You can add a bit of thickness to things without getting audible distortion, good to get more perceived loudness. All in all I would not hesitate to recommend this unit. It has been well thought out and the filters and EQ sound great as well as the 3 distortions.

What We Think


The Malcolm Toft PUNISHR Harmonic Distortion Module is a tone tweakers unit that is all about experimentation. With three independent distortion circuits, 70's style shelving EQ (that can be pre or post the distortion circuits), independent Hi-Pass and Lo-Pass filters, and wet/dry mix you can create any tone from clean to crazy. Just with the EQ Pre/Post and Sum buttons, you can get four different characters from the same settings. The PUNISHR is very cool and way more than just a distortion unit. Whether tracking or mixing, you will want a couple of these in your studio.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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