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Malcolm Toft

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The Malcolm Toft Equate 8 Equalizer is a powerful rackmount EQ which offers many modern features to enhance the users audio production experience.

Experience the excellence of the Malcolm Toft Equate 8 Equalizer, which boasts 8-channels of analogue Series 80 EQ complemented by sweeping High and Low Pass Filters on every individual channel. Meticulously crafted by the renowned Malcolm Toft, this formidable rackmount equalizer offers modern functionalities to enrich your audio production endeavors.
80-Style EQ
Originally developed by Malcolm Toft for Trident 80 in the 1970s, the 8 Channels of EQ on the Equate 8 are inspired by the Series 80 Consoles. These EQs feature sweepable High- and Low-pass filters that allow you to finely adjust the frequency range between 20Hz-350Hz and 1.5kHz-20kHz respectively. Alongside the fixed frequency ranges of the Low and High Shelving EQs at 80Hz and 10kHz, these filters provide endless possibilities for eliminating unwanted frequencies or focusing on specific sonic elements. Additionally, you can achieve a 'Pultec trick' effect by boosting with the Shelf EQ and cutting with the Filters at the same frequencies. The High Mid EQ covers a range from 1fHZ to 15K with a gain of up to 15db, while the Low Mid EQ spans from 100fHZ to 1.5K. The Equate 8 brings this historical legacy into modern times.

Convenient 500-Series Layout
The Equate 8 is a 3U rack unit that follows the 500-Series spacing protocol between each EQ channels. This ensures compatibility with other devices in your audio setup. The EQ features balanced jack and Dsub connectors, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of equipment. You can use the EQ across mixer insert channels, connect it directly to any Audio Converter via Dsub, or allocate some channels for tracking while using others for mixing. With its internal power supply, the Equate 8 provides a compact and space-saving solution for processing 8 channels of EQ. This eliminates the need for external adapters, streamlining your workflow and reducing cable clutter.

Recording or Mixing
Whether you're tracking a drum kit, and wish to filter each mic - or maybe you're recording synths, a vocal and guitars simultaneously, the Equate 8 allows you the flexibility to reach out and have that perfect blend of classic sound, precise control, and convenient features. When mixing you might choose to 'set and forget' some channels for sub-groups or mix-bus duties, and then use a few channels for individual tonal shaping? Enhance your audio productions to new heights with this exceptional 8-channel analogue EQ, made in England from Malcolm Toft.

Malcolm Toft Equate 8 Equalizer Features

  • 8 channels of six band eq.⁣
  • Malcolm Toft Classic legacy sound.⁣
  • Swept high and low pass filters increase versatility.⁣
  • 500-Series spacing between channels.⁣
  • Jack and Dsub connectors.⁣
  • 3U rackmount unit with internal power supply

Malcolm Toft Equate 8 Equalizer Includes

  • Malcolm Toft Equate 8 Equalizer
  • Power Cable
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    Amazing EQs!!!
    Richard Wascher, Cimamusic Mix & Mastering

    I purchased the Malcolm Toft Equate 8 about a couple of weeks ago and have so far used it for tracking vocals, acoustic guitars and drums. I have to say, this unit does NOT disappoint! I made my first "pro" record on a Trident 80 desk, and I have been in love with the EQs ever much so that I bought a pair of 500 series 80b EQs for my studio a couple of years ago. When I saw the Equate 8, keeping in mind the price to quality ratio, this purchase was absolutely a no-brainer! Having eight 80b EQs in one unit is absolutely amazing!!! I really love the top end on these EQs. You can really push them without your source getting brittle or harsh. Also, they are mostly transparent but do impart a little bit of warmth to the source. The most exciting addition to the 80b “format” if you will is the HPF and LPF. There are a few differences between the Equate 8 and the original 80b EQ topology, and I must say these changes have really taken this EQ to a whole new level! I really took my time thinking about whether or not I should purchase this unit, and I wish I had purchased it sooner! So, if you are thinking about pulling the trigger on this unit, do not hesitate! This has been one of the best investments I have made for my studio in a long time!!