Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console (Open Box)

Malcolm Toft

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Front End Audio frequently has gear that has been opened and used for demo purposes in our in-house studio. This mixer has only been handled by our staff and is otherwise just like new and carries a full warranty. It includes everything as if new and has been repackaged in the original manufacturer packaging. So if you don't mind an occasional fingerprint or second layer of tape on the box, then you can grab a great deal on a Malcolm Toft Integra 8 today!

The Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console is designed and handcrafted by the renowned Malcolm Toft. Known for its exceptional sound quality, versatility, and intuitive functionality, the Integra 8 is becoming a staple in recording studios worldwide. The Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console has been designed vwith todays studio workflow in mind. Whether you are in a large reording studio or in a small home based studio, the Integra 8 is desgined to be the centerpiece of your workflow. The concept is simple, provide a bridge between the analog and digital worlds. While many engineers work "in the box", audio originating from an analog sources, such as a microphone, guitar or synth, must still be converted into a digital form using an AD Converter. Visa Versa, audio has to be converted back to alalog so it can be monitored with studio monitors or headphones by using a DA Converter. And, you may require the ability to select different audio sources by using Monitor Controller. Now depending on the degree of sophistication, you might need monitor muting and dimming combined with the ability to switch between different studio monitors, which are features found on high-end monitor controllers. Perhaps you need talkback functionality? All of this sounds like a lot of functionallity and gear, maybe similar to the master section of a large format recording console as seen in many high-end recording studios. So what is an aspiring engineer to do when you dont have the budget, the room or the time to put all of these components together? The Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console is the solution! The Integra 8 boasts as a complete master section and effortlessly integrates all the necessary components for seamless DAW connectivity. This compact console ensures simplicity, flexibility, and a comprehensive audio experience while providing superb audio quality.

Despite it's misleadingly small size, the Integra 8 can handle some surprisingly large sessions. There are 8 microphone and 18 balanced line inputs available. So at any given time, it is possible for you to use, for example, 8 microphones and 10 line inputs. The inclusion of two fully featured effects return channels with their own balanced direct outputs means that up to 10 tracks can be recorded simultaneously. The 18 line inputs also make the console ideal for use as a very high quality summing mixer. To further increase it's flexibility and the ability to integrate within today's studio environment, you have the option to add inbuilt digital converters and motorised faders. Both options can be fitted at the time of purchase or added at a later date. Just reach out to Front End Audio and we will be happy to discuss these options with you and help outfit your Integra 8 exactly as you need!

  • Optional Digital Converters: The Integra 8 is pre-wired for an optional digital conectivity card. The reasons for offering inbuilt converters? Easy, it reduces considerably the amount of connectivity and calibration needed when connecting to external converters. Most converters come in a 19" rack format which takes up quite a lot of space, needs a lot of connectors and require another power source. By simply plugging a small card into the back of the Integra 8, everything is taken care of with no additional wiring necessary. This dramatically increases the portability of the console and means that you are sure that all of the connections are secure and correct. Since the converters are designed to work with the Integra 8, there is no need to worry about setting levels to match the console to the converters so noise performance as an example is always optimised. The optional digital converters can be operated at either 48kHz or 96kHz and use the latest high quality processors. 
  • Optional Motorized Faders: The Integra 8 takes it a step further and offers motorised faders via FaderMate, thier own proprietary moving fader stem. FaderMate has been fitted to SSL, Neve, Audient, Trident, Wunder Audio and many other consoles. It operates as a DAW controller which means that you can use the faders on your Integra 8 to control the faders on your DAW, and vice versa. So no more mixing with a mouse and you can move more than one fader at a time!

Input Channel
Each channel features a 60dB microphone preamp, line level driver with 20dB of gain and attenuation, as well as an ALT input, two mono and one stereo aux sends (with a dedicated pan pot for the stere 3/4 aux). Aux 2 and 3/4 are pre or post fader assignable (Aux 1 is fixed prefader). Further, each channel has a pan pot, solo, mute, and 100mm Bourns fader, with a max scale of +18dBu. The inputs source is switchable from microphone to line level, via an illuminated button. All micpres provided +48V Phantom Power via an illuminated button next to the gain pot.

Master Section
The Integra 8 Master Section is very comprehensive and provides all of the facilities that are needed to record, monitor and mix. This power packed sections provides you a 100mm Bourns Fader, Monitor Master ouput pot (a Solo Master pot is provided to level match between the overall level of the stereo solo and overall monitor level. The Monitoring section also features a -20dB DIM, as well as a Mute, Sum to Mono, Alt Speaker Output, 2Track/DAW return, Master Section Insert (for connecting a bus compressor, EQ, or other stereo processor), as well as a Talk Back system, with built-in microphone and gain pot.

Aux Masters FX Returns
There are three master level controls for auxiliaries 1-4, each of which can be soloed.. Auxiliaries 1 and two each have their own level control while auxiliaries 3 and 4 are controlled by a single dual gang pot so as to maintain perspective when used in a stereo mode. While all Auxiliaries can be used for effects sends, AUX 3/4 can receive signal from each channels ALT input, and be routed to the monitor section to provide a traditional in-line console function. This makes it possible to monitor (or mix) a completely separate line level signal through the input channel. A typical application of this would be to monitor the return signal from a DAW or other recording device effectively providing an 'in line' monitoring facility.

Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console Features

  • 8 inputs each with mic/line selection and a separate alternate input. The balanced alternate input can be individually selected to feed aux 3-4 to provide an ‘in-line monitor during recording.
  • 4 auxiliary sends. 1 and 2 are mono with pre/post selection on aux 2, (aux 1 permanently pre). Auxes 3 and 4 are a stereo pair with level, pan and pre/post switching.
  • Illuminated mute and solo switches (solo has a master level control).
  • Balanced insert send and returns on every input with illuminated bypass switch.
  • Balanced insert send on master outputs with bypass switch.
  • 8 led metering on every channel and 100mm fader.
  • Two additional balanced input effects return channels are also provided, each with auxiliary sends, level metering, insert send and return, level control, pan, solo and mute. They also have a direct balanced line output. Combined with the Alternate input facility on each channel, the console provides 18 balanced inputs summing to the master mix.
  • A master section comprising: twin 8 led bar graphs.
  • 100mm master stereo fader. Master monitor level control (large knob).
  • Illuminated monitor mute. Illuminated monitor dim switch. Illuminated monitor mono switch. Illuminated alternate monitor speaker selector with individual level control.
  • Group insert bypass switch.
  • Solo master level control and led to show that solo is selected.
  • Internal electret talkback mic with level control (talkback routes to aux 3-4 and dims monitors when initiated).
  • Two headphone feeds are provided with their own level control and a front panel headphone mini jacks. An illuminated switch makes it possible to feed headphone 2 from aux 3-4.

Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console Specifications

  • 60dB microphone gain
  • 20dB line level gain and attenuation
  • +18dBu overall headroom
  • +48V Phantom Power provided independently on each mic pre
  • 100mm Bourns Faders
  • Power Supply: 110 to 240 (Auto Sensing)
  • Size: 16.75 x 14 x 3.75
  • Weight: 8.8 Pounds

Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console Includes

  • Malcolm Toft Integra 8 Mixing Console
  • Power Supply
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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