Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series Tube Saturator

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The Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series Tube Saturator is a stereo tube saturator module and designed to provide your track with various levels of overdrive and harmonics.

The Singular Audio Tubedrve utilizes 2 pentode tubes per channel, for a total of 4 tubes per module. The first one  is an EF86/6J32P and the second one a 6AS6/6J2P. The 6AS6 can be switched from pentode to  triode operation. Triode mode provides a smoother type of overdrive with more ‘even harmonics’.  Pentode mode provides an aggressive distortion with more ‘odd harmonics’. Various controls allow the user to shape the sound. Switchable bypass and a mix knob for parallel  processing provide pro audio requirements. The two channels are controlled independently from  one another.

The module can be controlled with an input or ‘drive’ level, controlling the audio signal going to the  tubes. A bias control sets the operating point for the distortion tube, allowing the user to control the  bias current. With high and low settings this introduces asymmetrical waveform clipping, providing  a more aggressive sound.

A boost switch provides 15dB of extra gain, for extra overdriven tones. An output level control  controls the level coming from the tubes. The mix knob provides full dry and wet operation, allowing for parallel processing. This is a great feature to have in a saturator since they tend to compress audio. Parallel processing allows the user to dial in the exact amount of saturation they want and provides full control over dynamics.

A white led lights up when the distortion tube is being overdriven. Furthermore there is a bypass  switch which switches the module out using relays for complete balanced bypass. An anodized black aluminum front panel is used, providing a long and lasting finish. Plate voltage for the tubes is 240VDC, due to a DC-DC converter which generates the high voltage  from the +- 16V power supply of the API 500 format. This is needed for the best possible overdrive  sound. NOS (‘New Old Stock’) tubes are used.

Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series Tube Saturator Features

  • Triode or pentode operation
  • 2 tube stages per slot
  • NOS tubes
  • Input level completely cuts out for full range of overdrive tones
  • Full dry/wet control for parallel processing
  • 15dB boost switch
  • Bias control to control the tube bias current, introducing asymmetrical clipping
  • Plate voltage for tubes at +240VDC for best tube operation, no ‘starved plate’ sound
  • Balanced in- and output
  • Switchable bypass using relays for balanced bypass

Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series Tube Saturator Specifications

  • THD: 0.2% to 85%
  • Noise: <95dB below maximum output level at typical settings
  • Frequency response (triode): 30Hz - 20kHz ±1dB
  • Frequency response (pentode): 40Hz - 20kHz ±1dB
  • Max gain (clean): 25dB
  • Max gain (overdriven): 45dB
  • Boost switch: +12dB input level
  • Bypass: relay switched balanced bypass
  • Tolerance between channels: ±0.5dB at typical settings
  • Power consumption:
    • +16v = 200mA (per slot)
    • -16v = 150mA (per slot)
  • Tube complement per slot: 1 x 6J2P (6AS6 pin compatible), 1 x 6J32P (EF86 pin compatible)
  • Weight: 575 gram

Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series Tube Saturator Includes

  • Singular Audio Tubedrve 500-Series Tube Saturator
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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    Highly recommended!

    As a recording engineer, I am always on the lookout for gear that can enhance my recordings. The Singular Audio Tubedrive exceeded my expectations and offers a wide range of tonal options. It has become an essential part of my studio setup and I can't imagine working without it now. Highly recommended!