Singular Audio Filterdrve Stereo 500-Series Filter

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The Singular Audio Filterdrve Stereo 500-Series Filter is an adaptation of the famous Korg MS-20 analog filter.

This version has singular controls for two channels (stereo operation). The Filterdrve has everything you want in a 500-Series filter, such as balanced i/o, low noise, great headroom etc. Some features are added like overdrive, an envelope follower and a controllable  gain structure. The real killer is that this filter, coupled with the drive and resonance, really screams. Hence the name: Filterdrve!

Low noise NE5532 opamps are used for great noise performance, while retaining the squelching sounds of the original. Self oscillation can be attained with the peak control at maximum. The filter can be switched from low to highpass operation. The bypass switching is done with  hardware relays, for full bypass transparency. The Filterdrve runs on a 16v bipolar power supply, which allows for a lot of headroom. The drive control reduces the headroom, for overdriven sounds. Noise is much lower than the original  ms-20 filter.

Output controls are split to account for any minor tolerance differences between left and right. The filter has great stereo balance. This stereo version also adds an envelope follower, which smoothes out the audio signal and can be used to modulate the cutoff frequency. The Filterdrve has alpha metal pots (knobs), an anodised black aluminium faceplate which is laser engraved, and good quality switches.

Singular Audio Filterdrve Stereo 500-Series Filter Features

  • Very low noise, much lower than the original ms-20 filter
  • Singular controls for stereo operation
  • Low and high pass operation
  • Envelope follower to modulate the cutoff frequency
  • 35dB of gain to push the filter into overdrive
  • Split output controls for perfect stereo balance
  • Relay switching true bypass
  • Balanced in- and output
  • Hand built, calibrated and tested in Amsterdam

Singular Audio Filterdrve Stereo 500-Series Filter Includes

  • Singular Audio Filterdrve Stereo 500-Series Filter
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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