LaChapell Audio 583E 500-Series Tube Preamp

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LaChapell Audio 583E
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LaChapell Audio 583E 500-Series Tube Preamp

The LaChapell Audio 583E 500-Series Tube Preamp is a 500 Series tube preamp with an EQ section that can function independently as two separate modules. Incredible on microphone source, it also features a Hi-Z input for instruments.

The LaChapell Audio 583E features a single channel vacuum tube preamplifier with LaChapell Audios proprietary TrueTube technology. TrueTube delivers 250V to the tube, properly powering it so that it operates at its full potential and is not starved for power. In addition, the LaChapell Audio 583E features an ultra-clean EQ section that can follow the preamp or operate as a separate module.

LaChapell Audio 583E 500-Series Tube Preamp Features

  • 500 Series Tube Preamp: The 583s was the first ever tube preamp for the 500 series. It is extremely versatile, allowing a wide range of sonic options from clean to harmonically rich. It’s great for use on almost any source with almost any mic.
  • TrueTube Powered Tubes: TrueTube technology supplies both the plate and filament of the tube with the proper voltages they need to access the full characteristics of the tube. Other tube preamp designs cannot supply the needed 250V and don’t have the headroom or harmonics that characterize that classic tube sound.
  • Autoswitching front panel Hi-Z input: The front panel Hi-Z input allows the 583S to be used as an instrument preamplifier. When a 1/4″ jack is inserted into the Hi-Z input, the 583S switches into instrument mode, bypassing the input transformer so the instrument accesses the tube directly.
  • Dual drive knobs: The Dual Drive knobs on the 583S provide an incredible array of tonal options. The input knob drives the input to the first vacuum tube preamp and the second knob drives the input to the output tube preamp. Together, you can dial in sounds from pristine to warm and harmonically rich.
  • Combined or Independent EQ Section: The clean and transparent EQ section on the 583E can operate immediately following the tube preamp section, or as its own separate module. When combined, the output of the preamp and EQ appears on the “Preamp Side” XLR outputs. When independent, the in and out of the “EQ Side” operate separately.
  • Boutique Quality Transformers: With a Cinemag input transformer and Jensen output transformer, the 583S maintains a boutique quality signal chain from I to O. Every aspect of the 583S has been designed for sonic quality that will last for generations.

LaChapell Audio 583E 500-Series Tube Preamp Specifications

  • INTERNAL GAIN: 0 to >72dB
  • THD+N: 0.10% (minimum)
  • MAX OUTPUT (1% THD+N): +26dBu
  • TYPICAL EIN: -121dBu
  • TUBE COMPLIMENT: 1 x 12AX7 / ECC83

LaChapell Audio 583E 500-Series Tube EQ Specifications

  • NOISE FLOOR: -95dB
  • THD+N: 0.012% (@ +4 output)
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz to 50KHz (flat)
  • CUT / BOOST RANGE: +/- 8dBu

What We Think

The LaChapell Audio Model 583E is a heavyweight performer packed into a small footprint. Finally LaChapell quality can be found in a 500 series module that takes full advantage of the two-slot space requirement. Born out of the Model 583S, the Model 583E takes the 500-series potential to a whole new level by adding a fantastic new, transformerless eq. The eq section is able to operate in tandem with the preamp OR can operate independently serving either another preamps output or any other line level input. This equalizer works in such a way to simply make things sound "naturally" better - and by that I mean that it sounds less like a "crafty" or "heavy-handed" and "effecty" eq, but sounds more like there was never the need for corrective eq in the first place - that the sound started out sounding this good. This is incredibly difficult to acheive with an eq and the LaChapell 583E makes it seem effortless. The incredibly strong build quality of this unit (a trait among all LaChapell Audio pieces, I might add) makes it a particularly attractive unit that simply instills a sense of well-being and confidence when using it. The lit-tip switches of the 992EG are now transformed into a series of surprisingly strong switches that are color-changing LEDs. The ability to fill a lunchbox with three channels of LaChapell preamps AND eqs is definitely something to consider - especially since the consensus amongst nearly every pro engineer who has used LaChapell equipment is that it is without a doubt amongst the very best sounding equipment available and makes getting great sounds considerably easier.

- Front End Audio

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  • 5
    Top notch unit

    The LaChapell 583E preamp is mostly clean and clear with incredible depth, but can be driven into a variety of distortion textures with different combinations of the input and output drive knobs. The LaChapell 583E EQ is a mostly transparent EQ that somehow shifts the frequency spectrum of the audio without leaving the resultant audio sounding EQ'd.

  • 5
    LaChapell Absolute Top Shelf Gear

    I had this unit at the studio for a few weeks. It's a real winner for sure. These things are great on kick, bass ans especially acoustic instruments. I own a different LaChappel pre. The eq is musical and the pre is definitely flawless. if you are looking for big open sounds,this unit is for you. The company has a spotless reputation for service as well. Their customer service is absolutely as good as it gets.