Introducing the New Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel

Introducing the New Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel

By Front End Audio on Mar 1st 2024

Introducing the New Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel

Introducing the New Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel! Gyraf Audio has just released the new Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel. It's a vocal strip comprised of parts from their G9 Tube PreampG10 Vari-Mu CompressorG21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum, and G23-S Equalizer. The G25 “VocalShape” Gyraf's elaborate all-in-one box for vocal recording. It is an all-tube unit, consisting of a preamplifier stage, a filter and an equalizer section, a compressor, and finally a single stage of frequency-selective clipping for control of resonances. Every and all parameters optimized for – and only for – recording vocals. First of all, this is a tube device - with all active functions, all amplification stages processing your signal are based on old-fashioned thermionic valves. This means that the unit usually will take 10-15 minutes from power-on before stabilizing into its working conditions. You can off course still use it during this time, but don’t expect too much precision or predict-ability before it’s settled. So it’s a tube pre-amplifier, followed by a tube equalizer, feeding a vari-mu tube compressor, which in turn drives the output stage containing a single band of passive frequency-selective clipping.

The topology of the G25 preamplifier is very much like Gyraf's classic G9 Tube Preamp, in a version optimized for high-gain frame-grid tubes (6N23P/E88CC)

The EQ section consists of a first-order HPF @ 50Hz or 120Hz, a High/Low shelving symmetric boost/cut Bax at 6dB/Oct combined with the Linear Tilt circuit from our G23 – adjustable between +/- zero and one dB/Oct at its extremes.

Vari-mu Compressor:
Like Gyraf's G10 compressor, you have a fixed ca. 20ms Attack, variable Release some 50ms-1.6sec. Threshold and Ratio functions are combined into one knob labeled unified “Drive”. Gain reduction read-out on meter.

This stage, which is integrated into the unit’s output transformer – and thus comes after the “Output Drive” control pot, is our frequency-selective clipping circuit. The topology is a simplified version of the G21 Infundibulum – with a handful of switchable frequency ranges selected for their usefulness for helping vocal trouble. The “ALL” position is simple full-spectrum schottky diode clipping.

Gyraf Audio G25

We're excited about the new Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel! It's available now for purchase at Front End Audio! If you have any questions about the new G25 or any of Gyraf's other gear, give us a call at Front End Audio! We're here to help.

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