Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel

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The Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel was designed with creating the perfect vocal tuning channel strip in mind. It brings together the power of multiple Gyraf pieces to create one ultra powerful box.

The Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel combines parts of the Gyraf G9, G10, G21, and G23 into an amazing single channel unit tuned for vocals. However it has line and instrument inputs and can sound particularly great on bass guitar (and really any sound source). The Gyraf Audio G25 is a very useful tool to have in the recording arsenal. The G25 is an all-tube unit, consisting of a preamplifier stage, a filter and an equalizer section, a compressor, and finally a single stage of frequency-selective clipping for control of resonances. All active functions, all amplification stages processing your signal are based on old-fashioned thermionic valves. This means that the unit usually will take 10-15 minutes from power-on before stabilizing into its working conditions. You can off course still use it during this time, but don’t expect too much precision or predict-ability before it’s settled. So it’s a tube pre-amplifier, followed by a tube equalizer, feeding a vari-mu tube compressor, which in turn drives the output stage containing a single band of passive frequency-selective clipping.

Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel Features

  • Gyraf G9 mic pre section (optimized for high-gain frame-grid tubes [6N23P/E88CC])
  • Gyraf G23 EQ section
  • Gyraf G10 Vari-Mu Commpressor section
  • Gryraf G21 Infundibulum De-resonance/Clipper section
  • Tube Design
  • Tuned for Vocal Processing/Recording
  • Instrument DI
  • Line Input for processing pre-recorded material

Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel Specifications

  • Mic Input Impedance: 2k Ohms
  • Line Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
  • Phantom Power: +48V
  • High Pass Filter: 50Hz or 120Hz
  • High/Low Shelving (Bax): 6dB Per Octave
  • Linear Tilt Circuit: G23 Design
  • Compressor (G10):
    • Attack: Fixed 20ms
    • Release: 50Ms-1.6Sec
    • Treshold/Ration: Combined on "Drive Knob"
    • Gain Reduction Meter
  • Variable clipping/saturation circuit: G21 Design
  • Format: 3U - 19" Rack Mount Chassis

Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel Includes

  • Gyraf Audio G25 VocalShape Voice Channel
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Manual (Downloadable from Gyraf website)
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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