Harrison 32Cpre+ 500-Series Preamp


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The Harrison 32Cpre+ 500-Series Preamp takes the high-performance, transformer-coupled microphone preamp from the 32Classic studio console, combines it with the renowned Harrison LP/HP filters, and delivers it in 500-Series format.

Inspired by the iconic Harrison 3232, the 32Classic mixing console and preamp is an American icon reimagined, delivering the tone that helped create some of the most iconic albums of the 70s’ and 80s’. Thanks to the 32Cpre+, that Harrison sound is now available in 500 series format.

Legacy in analog
Harrison consoles have helped create some of the most highly regarded and influential music in history. Michael Jackson, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Donald Fagan, and many more iconic artists have relied on Harrison production tools to help create their multi-platinum albums. The latest range of 500 series modules from Harrison harnesses the sound and features that engineers like Bruce Swedien, Roger Nichols, and Reinhold Mack trusted to make music that stands the test of time.  

The Harrison tone
The 32Cpre+ delivers the warm, rich tone that Harrison is renowned for. Full low-end, open mid-range, and super-smooth, natural highs are what to expect from this Jensen JT-MB-CPCA transformer-coupled mic-pre. The gentle roll-off at each end of the frequency spectrum and delicate phase shift created by the 1:1 ratio transformer produces a mic pre that sounds so sweet you’ll use it on any source material.  

Tools for tracking
The 32Cpre+ delivers +20 to +70 dB of smooth gain capable of driving a wide range of mic types, including ribbon. In addition to 180 ° Phase, 48V, -20 pad, and HiZ impedance switches, the front panel features combo XLR with ¼” jack connector that lets you plug a microphone or instrument into the 32Cpre+ directly without having to access the rear panel of the 500 Series rack.

Legendary Harrison filters
A Harrison mic pre wouldn’t be complete without our legendary filters. As found in the original 3232 and latest 32Classic console, the filters have a musical 12dB/octave slope, with the High Pass Filter featuring a characterful 3 dB resonant peak. The High Pass Filter range is 25 Hz – 3.1 KHz, and the Low Pass Filter is 160 Hz – 20 KHz. 

Harrison 32Cpre+ 500-Series Preamp Features

  • The sound of Harrison.
  • Jensen JT-MB-CPCA transformer-coupled mic-pre.
  • +20 to +70 dB of gain.
  • Front-mounted combo XLR with ¼” jack connector.
  • 48V phantom power switch.
  • Polarity reverse switch.
  • HiZ impedance switch.
  • Input overload LED.
  • Compatible with 500 Series format chassis.

Harrison 32Cpre+ 500-Series Preamp Includes

  • Harrison 32Cpre+ 500-Series Preamp
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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