Introducing the elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper

Introducing the elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper

By Front End Audio on Apr 2nd 2024

Introducing the elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper

Introducing the elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper! elysia has just announced their newest product, the elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper! This a mastering version of their popular elysia nvelope Impulse Shaper. The nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper is a stereo transient shaper with focus on excellent mastering capabilities.

The elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper operates independently of the specific level of a signal, and (unlike with compressors) you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to balance a set of complex controls to quickly get the results you seek. With its unique Dual Band mode, the nvelope gives you enhanced control over processing, and can easily handle complex program material. Additionally, its dynamics sections can be bypassed, allowing it to function as a flexible high/low shelf EQ...So, the nvelope is a dynamics processor that can change the character of a sound by altering its impulse structure. It gives you direct control over the envelope of a signal by shaping its attack and sustain intensity. More specifically, a drum set (or individual drums) can be made to sound more aggressive and punchier by accenting the attack, or tones that are already overly aggressive can easily be tamed. Other useful applications would be on picked or slapped bass, edgy guitar or any kind of piano recording. Generally speaking, the nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper works optimally on audio signals with a significant/percussive attack structure.

Key Features

  • Class-A stereo impulse shaper for mixing and mastering
  • Developed by Ruben Tilgner, the father of the original SPL Transient Designer
  • Precise control range of +/- 5dB for mastering
  • All stepped potentiometers - perfect for fast recall of sessions
  • Full range mode (classic mode)
  • Superb sounding shelf equalizer mode
  • Dual band mode
  • Perfect for the drum room or overheads
  • Can be used as dual mono or true stereo link
  • Smooth and natural sound for all acoustic instruments

The new elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper is available for purchase at Front End Audio! If you have any questions about the Elysia nvelope Mastering Impulse Shaper or any of elysia's other products, give us a call at Front End Audio. We're here to help!

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