Introducing the new IK Multimedia ARC Studio Room Correction System

Introducing the new IK Multimedia ARC Studio Room Correction System

By Front End Audio on Feb 22nd 2024

Introducing the new IK Multimedia ARC Studio Room Correction System

Introducing the new IK Multimedia ARC Studio Room Correction System! IK Multimedia has just released their new advanced room correction system, IK Multimedia ARC Studio! In the field of audio engineering, using plugins on the master bus of digital audio workstations (DAWs) to correct room acoustics has been common practice. However, this approach has notable drawbacks, such as the need to manually disable the plugin before exporting audio and the inability to use the correction outside of the DAW. IK Multimedia pioneered the industry with ARC (Advanced Room Correction) system, setting a standard in room correction technology. Despite its innovative contribution, traditional console-based music studios and modern digital broadcasting facilities still face challenges in accessing room correction with plugin-only solutions. To overcome these issues, they designed ARC Studio, a game changing compact hardware audio processor that seamlessly integrates with every existing audio setup. The goal has been to encapsulate the quality and precision of the ARC room correction into a simple and transparent sounding audio processor.

The ARC System is made of ARC Studio hardware device, a measurement microphone and a software package.

The software package includes:

  • An analysis standalone application used to measure the acoustics of the room
  • A real-time, multi-platform plug-in to be used with any DAW
  • A standalone control application to store the correction into the ARC Studio processor

IK Multimedia ARC Studio

What's New:

ARC Studio

  • Dramatically improve your mixing accuracy with any monitor system in any room
  • Installs in minutes in any studio
  • Sonically invisible, audiophile performance
  • Emulates top monitors & playback systems
  • Customize your monitors’ performance to taste


  • All-new more natural correction algorithm
  • New Standalone application to manage ARC Studio
  • Expanded virtual monitoring adds 20+ iconic studio monitors profiles
  • New "Quick Mode" in the Analysis application
  • Updated graphics and user interface with dark and light mode options

IK Multimedia ARC Studio

We're really excited about the new IK Multimedia ARC Studio. It's available for purchase now at Front End Audio! If you're more so interested in the software, the standalone IK Multimedia ARC System 4 Room Correction Software is also available for purchase! This way, you're still able to measure and calibrate your room and monitor setup and just use the software on your computer to enable and bypass the correction.

If you have any questions about the ARC Studio or any of IK Multimedia's other products, give us a call! We're here to help.

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