Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ Stereo Processing Unit


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The Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ Stereo Processing Unit is a stereo processor for mixing and mastering that features two bands of EQ and a full dynamic section with cross compression. This unit can be used as a bax-style EQ, a standard EQ, a dynamic “auto-tilt”, a standard compressor, or a mix of these options!

The Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ Stereo Processing Unit was designed for custom/high end mastering and engineering. Each unit is built by the hands of the designer himself – Gustav Goly in Odense, Denmark. The attention to detail is of utmost importance. There is no rushing to get a batch done; these units are methodically built to order, one at a time. The mentality behind the design and build quality of the Goly brand is one of the number one reasons we knew we had to bring this line to Front End Audio. One thing to note about the boutique nature of the Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ is that if Front End Audio doesn’t have one on the shelf when you are ready to order, then expect a lead time. Consider placing a preorder to make sure you are in line to receive the next available unit and trust that there is something all too true about the old saying, good things come to those who wait! Now let’s go over some of the amazing features of the Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ.

Please note. Goly is handbuilt in Denmark, and although this unit is setup for US power, it does not come with a US power cable. It is likely that you have an extra laying around your studio but if you don’t, then check out the Pro Co IEC Power Cable. This is the cable we grab to power gear in Front End Audio in-house studio!

Beyond Q
The Q on this unit ranges from extremely narrow to extremely wide. This means you can practically use each band as a full spectrum processor or even go beyond surgical settings, to where the resonance of the filters can get pretty wild!

Dynamics section
Standard compression, standard attack and release, with 3 auto-modes. Goly doesn’t believe in restricting the ranges to “fool proof” so they’ve given you the option to do a little off road with your attack and release settings. If you want to play it safe, avoid the yellow and red settings!

Cross Compression
Cross compression inverts the amount of compression that’s happening on a band, then injects it into the opposing band at the set ratio. Since you’re using low-end to counteract the high-end, and vice-versa, the result is very “musical”. It’s also important to note, the use of compression and cross compression does not exclude or counteract each other. That means this processor allows for 4 dynamic interactions going on at once! Tip: If you bypass a band, you can still activate the cross compression. In this scenario, you can use the controls for ratio/attack/release exclusively for the cross compression instead of the normal built-in compressors.

Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ Stereo Processing Unit Features

  • Stereo EQ with 2 bands (high/low)
  • Bell/shelving mode switchable (high and low shelving respectively)
  • Dynamics on both bands (compression/attack/release)
  • Side chain is split between bands, no crossovers in the signal path
  • Low band side chain features a variable high pass
  • Q goes wide enough, that both bands can be set as full spectrum processor
  • Cross Compression feature inverts compression and injects it into the opposite band at a variable ratio
  • Soft/hard settings for the dynamics per band
  • Resolution and Headroom weighted settings for compression range
  • Master gain to level match
  • True bypass
  • All controls stepped, except the master gain for precise level matching

Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ Stereo Processing Unit Includes

  • Goly CrosscOMPressionEQ Stereo Processing Unit
  • User Manual
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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