CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package (2-Pack)

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CAD M179
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CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package

The CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package brings you two full featured CAD M179 microphones with all accessories at even more great savings. This is a great way to improve your recordings and flexibility at a great low cost.

The CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package combines two CAD M179 Microphones to meet your stereo micing needs. Perfect for drum overheads, stereo acoustics, piano, group vocals, and more, the CAD M179 Package incorporates vintage capsules with advanced electronics.

Need to know more about the M179 then check out the CAD M179 product page for all the details.

CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package Includes

  • 2 x CAD M179 Microphones
  • 2 x CAD Shock Mounts
  • 2 x CAD Standard Hard Mounts
  • 2 x CAD Hard Cases
  • 2 Years Warranty

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    CAD M179 2-pak

    Posted by RM on May 6th 2014

    Very satisfied with the performance of these mics as drum overheads in GJ setup. Even more pleased with the performance of the people at Front End Audio – order was processed and shipped in 2 hours and delivered in 2 days halfway across the US (as standard free ground shipping). Awesome job, guys!

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    Transparent choir mic

    Posted by Jon Fitz on Jan 12th 2014

    I think these are tough to beat for the money. They have good low-end presence, but sound great for sopranos or strings. I sometimes check signal with noise isolating headphones. More than once, I mistakenly thought I had failed to seal the headphones in the ear canal, because the sound was so "direct".

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    Great Service Great Product

    Posted by BRYAN USINGER on Jul 2nd 2013

    Excellent all around budget mic. Its heavy as hell like a hand machined Neumann which caught me off guard. The multi polar patterns are great. I've been trying the mic on everything and had great results on vocals and multi mic setup with guitar. CADM719 3.5 ft in front of sound hole facing slightly down, and NT1a on the 12th fret, 6" away.

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    CAD M179 mics

    Posted by rl on Feb 4th 2013

    The mics came in their big boxes with the foam pieces cut to hold the mic in the shock mount and the the fixed mount. As bonus, I got the 2 XLR cables as well! Really a fantastic value for the money.

    The mics look well crafted, and feel solidly built. The knobs feel good too!

    I have only had a small amount of time this weekend to play with the mics. I am use the two mics with a Scarlett 2i2. Focusrite confirmed that the Scarlett can provide 14mA of current per channel -- so I should have no problem powering the two mics. The little bit of testing I got to do this weekend sounded pretty good to me. I am a newbie at recording, and it took me minimal effort to get everything setup and produce some initial recordings. I will have more in-depth sense for the mics only after I have played around a lot with them.

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    surprising value

    Posted by Ben Schmidt on May 22nd 2012

    I bought a pair of these mics to fill in gaps in my microphone collection for my small home studio. I've used them as a blumlein pair out in front of an acoustic guitar to track guitar and vocals at the same time. Off axis rejection is great, the sound is very uncolored and pleasing. These work great as drum overheads, cabinet mics, and many other uses. It will never be the "gem" of a studio but If you're looking for great value and usable sound, these are it! for a beginer, I would recommend one of these over an NT1 in a second (often recommended "first mic") . M179 doesn't have that harsh "compressed" sound , just open and flat. It won't give you the magic of a tube LCD, like many of the 47 type mics, but at this price you shouldn't expect it.

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    Excellent tom mic - believe the hype

    Posted by Silent Sky on Feb 13th 2012

    I had been really unimpressed with the tom sounds I was getting lately, so I ordered a pair of these after reading numerous reviews about how great they were for that application. I put one M179 between my 10" and 12" tom, and the other between my 14" and 16" floor toms. Then I did an A/B test against my old mics (another well-respected dynamic mic for toms).

    The M179's sounded great right away, while the other mics made the 3 largest toms sound like total junk (comparatively). After much experimentation, and using a somewhat unconventional placment, the other mics sounded closer to the M179, and usable, but the M179's still sounded better, and were a breeze to set up. Needless to say, after this little experiment, I sold the other mics and kept the M179's.

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    basic mics for a good deal

    Posted by supergiant on Nov 30th 2010

    I bought this pair of LDC's on a recommendation from a friend when I needed a few extra mics for a large session I was running. They performed just fine next to my AT4033 and my Neuman U87. I love the variable polar patterns, and they come with shockmounts and cases. What's not to like?