CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package (3-Pack)

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CAD M179
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CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package

The CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package brings you three full featured CAD M179 microphone with all accessories at even more great savings. Perfect For Tom Mic'ing!

This M179 Microphone Package combines three CAD M179 Microphones to meet your tom micing needs. Also use this package for drum overheads with a room mic combination. Really the sky is the limit with what you can do....

Need to know more about the M179 then check out the CAD M179 product page for all the details.

CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Microphone Package Includes

  • 3 x CAD M179 Microphones
  • 3 x CAD Shock Mounts
  • 3 x CAD Standard Hard Mounts
  • 3 x CAD Hard Cases
  • 2 Years Warranty

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  • 5
    Awesome all around condenser

    Posted by Andrew S on Feb 7th 2016

    Bought these mainly for use on toms because of some videos that I had heard on YouTube and they truly rock on toms. I like them more then the usual studio go-to md421s. These are also great on guitar cabs and as ambient microphones for whatever. Haven't had a chance to use them on vocals yet but in a pinch I'm sure they would sound fine.

  • 5
    CAD M179 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone Packag

    Posted by Robert Spies on Sep 17th 2015

    M179 3-pack arrived in good order, after a couple of delays...

  • 4
    CAD M179 first use

    Posted by Andrew Plaisted on Jun 10th 2015

    I'd heard about the versatility of the M179's and in particular I was attracted to the idea of using them as tom microphones, as an alternative to my Sennheiser 421's. I have not yet had an opportunity to try them on toms yet, but I did put a pair in cardioid over a vibraphone and another in omni as a mono room microphone with excellent results on all of it. I'm pleased so far and look forward to trying them on other instruments... including toms. I don't think my rating will go down from "good," but it could go up to "excellent" as I use them more.

  • 5
    worth every penny

    Posted by Michael Meeks on Feb 27th 2015

    I now have six of these. Toms with almost zero bleed? Check. Recorderman style overheads? Check. Great workhorse? Check. You WILL put these to good use.

  • 5
    CAD M179 3-Pack

    Posted by Timothy Cronin on Mar 18th 2014

    Kudos to Front End Audio for a job well done on my recent purchase. I have an really nice acoustic drum array and was very impressed with the CAD M179 (and 177) for tom usage during tests. Thinking ahead, Front End bundled three M179s together and included mic cables and free shipping. Quick and first-class.

  • 5
    CAD M179 Mics

    Posted by robert gabb on Jun 11th 2013

    Excellent service and Shipping. I will be Using Front End Audio again and again.

  • 5
    Great mik, great price, great webstore

    Posted by Henrik Linder on Apr 18th 2011

    Being a drummer, I must say these are fantastic on toms (HyperCard) - punchy, warm and full.
    Check out the tom sound in the drums section on (will be from lesson 11 and up).
    I've also used a single CAD M179 (Card) as OH for a rock cover gig, only supported with a Bass Drum mik, actually with a good result.
    We also used the M179's on guitar amps for this particular gig:
    with Anatholi Bulkin Trio with your's truly on drums (No CAD's on drums here, though).

    Ordered a 3-pack from FEA and had them sent to me in Sweden, fast and with USPS tracking - no problemo. 3 great, versatile miks for $399- You can not complain about that, folks!

  • 5
    No brainer

    Posted by John Grant on Dec 20th 2010

    A client brought one of these to my studio, Secret Sound, to get my thoughts. We put it up against my Stephen Paul modded U-87 on a vocalist. Sounded great - quiet, pretty neutral although a bit brighter than the Neumann. Then I found out what it cost - I immediately ordered the 3 pack the next day! To me this mic is like the SM57 of condensers - versatile and super affordable. At this price, everybody should have at least one. Side address makes it a great choice on toms when it's hard to squeeze into tight spots. Need to activate the pad on drums & percussion. Perhaps not the first choice if you have a bright singer with sibilance issues, but I've been trying it out on lots of sources: toms, hihats, vocals, sax, congas...with great results.