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The Goly Stem Mix & Compression Matrix is a flexible, channel-split mix-bus compressor for modern, hybrid and hardware mixing. With the side chain mix and stem mix compression return, you can easily expand your possibilities in an integrated, hands-on manner.

The Goly Stem Mix & Compression Matrix in extreme examples, can be used it as a drum sub mixer, with only the snare attacking the compression circuit, or you can simply set all SC mix controls flat on all subgroups, summing to stereo. The stem outputs on all channels are useful in terms of delivering stems for further processing or stem mastering. The idea is, you can get 95% of the way rolling your hybrid set-up, and with the stems back in the box, you can do minor tweaks for mix polishing or mastering applications. Stem outputs deliver the isolated tracks, with the master processing applied, as if the channel was still “part of the whole” in terms of buss processing.

The Circuit
The basic circuit consists of 8 channels, grouped into stereo, and a master compression engine that feeds back to each channel/stem. Each channel is split into a side chain mix, which sums into the compression side chain. The control voltage is routed back through stem compression mixer, where you can adjust the amount of compression folding back to each stem. In addition to that, there is a direct stem output, and a fully featured compression section.

Stem Mix
This is your standard, signal path gain controls. The channel gain controls gain section come into play when adjusting levels relative to the offset in balance brought on by outboard processing, and also depends on how well the mix elements blend/mix during hybrid operation.

Side Chain Mix
The Side Chain mixer adjust the levels going into the engine room of the master compression section. In essence, this lets you adjust what the compressor sees, and triggers off of. You can do odd things, like bring up elements further than they are in the signal path to push harder, back off bass elements to inject less low end, or just set them all flat, so everything goes into the side chain as per usual. What really matters is, how the SC Mix makes your compression react, but in the master section, you’ll find a “SC LISTEN” function, which routes the Side Chain Mix to the output for auditioning. (Please note the fidelity of the Side Chain Mix is lower than the fidelity of the actual signal path, if you want to use it creatively for processing).

Stem Compression
On a standard compressor, your compression/threshold sets the amount of compression. This is no different, apart from the fact, that you can send it “per channel” To put it into context:

  • When you adjust the Side Chain Mix levels, you dial in the stereo mix the compression side chain sees.
  • When you adjust the Stem Compression, it determines how much compression folds back to each stereo pair.

There is a compression dial in the master section for global nudges, as well as global gain compensation.

Goly is handbuilt in Denmark, and although this unit is setup for US power, it does not come with a US power cable. It is likely that you have an extra laying around your studio but if you don’t, then check out the Pro Co IEC Power Cable. This is the cable we grab to power gear in Front End Audio in-house studio!

Goly Stem Mix & Compression Matrix Features

  • 8 channel stem compression device in 4 stereo pairs.
  • Side chain mixer balances mix going into the compression detection circuit
  • Side chain listen feature, so you can listen to the side chain mix on the master output
  • Stem Compression applies compression per stem
  • Full master compression section
  • "Gently" mode sets the unit up with a very low ratio and soft knee
  • Direct stem output per channel. This allows you to roll the channel back into your DAW soloed, while retaining the characteristics of the global, dynamic processing
  • Master/Stereo output
  • All controls stepped

Goly Stem Mix & Compression Matrix Includes

  • Goly Stem Mix & Compression Matrix
  • Product Manual

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