Maselec MDS-2 De-Esser

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Maselec MDS-2
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Maselec MDS-2 De-Esser

The Maselec MDS-2 De-Esser is designed for transparent high-frequency limiting on individual sources or stereo mixes for recording, mixing, and mastering engineers.

The Maselec MDS-2 supports operation in dual-mono or stereo via selectable sidechain linking. Ideal for taming strong sibilance and harsh highs, it offers up to 11 dB of gain reduction impacting approximately 2 kHz and above. An M-S switch for the sidechain allows the high-frequency limiting to be focused on the center of the stereo image.

Each of the two channels features a 6-segment gain reduction meter, threshold control, and release switch. Attack and release times automatically vary in response to the source material. Additionally, each channel or the entire unit can be bypassed. Inputs and outputs are accessible via balanced XLR 3-pin jacks.

Maselec MDS-2 De-Esser Features

  • Ideal for reducing excessive high frequencies without compromising tone or clarity
  • Automatic time constants and optimization techniques for the gain reduction minimize the number of controls
  • Simple operation with increased performance for highly dynamic and inconsistent source material without the need for continuous readjustments
  • Selectable M-S sidechain mode sets the center threshold 6 dB lower than the left/right threshold, reducing high-frequency limiting from stereo signals while retaining the limiting on center signals
  • Selectable Link mode links the sidechains after the time constants
  • When the MDS-2 is bypassed, its meters show (with reduced intensity) the gain reduction that would occur if it was switched in

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