SPL DeS 500-Series De-Esser


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The SPL DeS 500-Series De-Esser is SPL's tried and true DeS De-Esser in 500-Series Format. The SPL De-Esser has quickly become the standard reference among recording studios, broadcast stations and live sound engineers.

Back in the 1990‘s, SPL developed an alternative way to process signals based on phase cancellation in order to reduce sibilance. Unlike traditional compression methods, this procedure is much more unobtrusive and simplifies control to one single parameter.

The Dual-Band De-Esser expands on this concept by making use of two frequency bands that can be used independently or jointly. Two de-esser stages increase processing effectiveness without introducing audible artifacts. Focused processing with high and low bands makes it possible to process sibilant sounds with great precision. Furthermore, input signals are automatically adjusted so the processing is uniform, regardless of the distance between source and microphone. The Male/Female modes adapt processing in the lower band to male or female voices.

High Band and Low Band De-Essing
You can use the two processing stages separately or jointly. They are connected in series as independent de-esser modules. The Low-Band De-Esser (Lo-S) is set fi rst in the chain. If both de-essers are engaged, there is interaction between them: a signal already processed with the Low-Band De-Esser is different from the raw material that the High-Band De-Esser would otherwise process.

Application: Voice (Male/Female)
The Male/Female switch allows you to adjust the Low-Band De-Esser to the type of voice being processed. These values have been determined by practical experience, so that the processor adapts better to gender. Nevertheless, you cannot take for granted that these settings will suit every single male and female voice.

Consider the Male/Female function as an additional tool to help you set the Low-Band De-Esser more precisely according to your needs. Always trust your ears to find the best settings.

SPL DeS 500-Series De-Esser Features

  • Sibilance reduction by phase cancellation
  • Very effective - very unobtrusive
  • 2-band processing: Hi-S and Lo-S
  • Only 2 controls - easy and fast to use
  • De-S intensity LED display
  • Male/Female voice selection
  • ON/bypass switch
  • Signal LED
  • Single-Slot 500 series rack module
  • Made in Germany

SPL DeS 500-Series De-Esser Specifications

  • Input:
    • Balanced
    • Impedance: 20kOhm
    • Max. Input level: +22 dBu
  • Output:
    • Balanced
    • Impedance : 150 Ohm
    • Max. Output Level: +22 dBu
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz -100kHz
  • Noise: -93 dBu (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic Range: 116 dB
  • CMRR: > -80 dBu (at 1 kHz, 0 dBu input level, unity gain)
  • THD: 0,03% (at 0 dBu input level, unity gain)
  • Housing: Single Slot 500er-Serie rack modul
  • Weight: 0,65 kg /1.43 lbs

SPL DeS 500-Series De-Esser Includes

  • DeS 1503 500-Series De-Essex Module
  • Manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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