Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX)


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Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX)

Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) Details

Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) is a highly-featured professional De-Esser AAX DSP plug-in for use with Avid S3L live consoles and Pro Tools|HDX. With its low latency of sub 2ms, Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) is perfect for live applications or live tracking in Pro Tools. There is a simple mode for quick fixes, but also an advanced mode for increased functionality and fine-tuning. The combination of an intuitive FFT display and three listen modes enables the user to easily see and hear exactly where the problem frequencies are, allowing the rapid reduction or removal of the offending audio.

Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) features Automatic Level Tracking, Linear Phase Filtering and a Wet/Dry blend control for final balancing. Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) is designed for the treatment of sibilance and fricatives in vocals, and the treatment of unwanted whistles and 'spirant' artefacts associated with wind instruments. For the most natural sounding results, the Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) de-esses only the frequency band you set - so you won't end up with an over-de-essed lisp-like voice with all the top end gone! Detailed visual feedback is provided thanks to the highly intuitive graphical display, allowing quick identification of the frequencies that need treatment and where to set the threshold. The threshold level and peak hold levels of the user-definable band are shown on the graph, alongside the FFT display of the narrow band signal, which includes retention of the peak level and the frequency containing the most energy.

At the heart of the Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) is an enhanced version of the compressor section of the Oxford Dynamics plug-in, which is renowned amongst professional users for delivering precise and transparent control of peaks. Around this is built a pair of cross-over filters, modelled on the Oxford EQ, to make the compressor react only to the defined frequency band. Three listen modes allow the user to listen to the mix, the output of the band-pass filter ('Inside') or the output of the band-reject filter ('Outside').

Careful thought has been put into making the Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) extremely easy and quick to use. Once the frequency band has been defined, simply lower the threshold fader until the gain reduction meter starts to kick in. The plug-in then automatically tracks the general signal level and the threshold follows accordingly so that it gives the same relative amount of gain reduction as the signal level rises or falls. This is perfect for vocals where, for example, a vocalist is louder in the chorus than the verse, but you want to apply the same relative amount of de-essing, and not over de-ess in the chorus. This Auto Level Tracking mode lets the Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) do all the hard work. It can also be switched off for a fixed threshold. Pressing the 'More' button gives access to ALL the controls.

In its default mode of operation, the Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) feeds the defined 'Band' signal to the compressor to affect only this narrow band signal. The result is that the compressor reacts only to specific frequency components when they reach a specific threshold, and applies compression only to these specific frequency components, leaving the rest of the spectrum untouched. 'Wide' can also be selected to allow wide-band compression reacting to only specfic frequencies or any combination of Band and Wide defining 'when the compressor reacts' and 'what it compresses' (narrow or wide-band). Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) comes complete with many presets to act as good starting points, alternatively the advanced section gives full access to all controls for precise correction, or even creative use.

Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) Features

  • Highly featured professional De-Esser
  • Linear Phase Dynamic EQ
  • Operates from 1kHz - 20kHz
  • Latency of 1.9ms (at 48kHz sample rate)
  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1 and 48kHz
  • Transparently controls aggressive frequencies
  • Automatic Level Tracking follows energy levels (no need to automate threshold)
  • Large intuitive graphic display makes finding frequencies very easy
  • Three different "Listen" modes
  • Advanced Mode for ultimate control of the Dynamic EQ
  • Many creative as well as corrective uses
  • 64-bit compliant
  • Presets giving good starting points

Sonnox SuprEsser DS De-Esser Plug-In (HD-HDX) Specifications

  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1 & 48kHz
  • Input Trim: -12.0 -> +12.0 dB
  • Output Trim: 0 -> -12.0 dB
  • Wet / Dry: 0 -> 100%
  • Filter Width: 0.2 -> 4.45 octaves
  • Filter Slope: 12 -> 72 dB/oct
  • Filter Frequency: 1 -> 20 kHz
  • Compressor Threshold: 0.0 -> -84.0 dB
  • Compressor Attack: 0.01 -> 52 ms
  • Compressor Hold: 0.01 -> 30 s
  • Compressor Release: 0.01 -> 3.11 s
  • Gain Makeup: 0.0 -> +24.0 dB
  • Soft Knee: 0 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 dB
  • Time Constant: 0.1 -> 10.0 s Auto Level Tracking
  • Listen Mode: Mix / Inside / Outside
  • Processing Mode Trigger: Band / Wide
  • Processing Mode Audio: Band / Wide

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