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The Kludge Audio 510 Transwarmer is a mellow and soft sounding audio transformer for you 500-Series rack which adds a distinctive but subtle transformer sound to your recordings.

The Kludge Audio 510 Transwarmer has no need to worry about matching impedances or loads. The transformer used is specially designed to match the sound of a classic model that we all like the sound of, but built with modern materials to make it much more convenient, reliable, and affordable than the original. Just like the Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer, it takes the best parts of traditional technology and the best parts of modern design to integrate classic sounds into modern studios.

Kludge Audio 510 Transwarmer Features

  • Adds a distinctive but subtle transformer sound.
  • Classic transformer sound without the classic transformer hassle
  • It is based on a specially-designed transformer whose coloration does not change as much with level as typical vintage transformers, making it much easier to use. Set it and forget it.
  • It has a termination switch. Set it however it sounds best for whatever you are doing and don't get all concerned you're doing something wrong.
  • Unlike vintage transformers, they are very consistent and any two off the line will sound the same.
  • It costs less than a vintage transformer, and is far more convenient in every way.
  • It is hand-built in the USA, to last a lifetime.

Kludge Audio 510 Transwarmer Includes

  • 510 Transwarmer

What We Think

The Kludge Audio 510 Transwarmer sounds bigger than it is. One of the things I miss about the days of large format consoles, is all the transformer saturation that really added a musical tone, and a type of glue to your audio. Having that color all over your audio was such a treat, and it really contrasts to a much better overall sound that the more sterile modern digital sound (that is quite hard). Well, Kludge Audio has fixed that issue, and done so in an affordable way. The 510 Transwarmer does just what the name implies. It imparts the warmth of transformer saturation to whatever audio you run through it. It makes the newly saturated audio sound fuller, and more forward, and enhances the depth and punch of the audio. Best part, there is only one switch - and that is only for use when you need to set the output impedance to 600Ohms (depending on what the output of the 510 is going to). Funny enough, the output impedance can slightly alter the tone of the Transwarmer, so I often switch back and forth to see what sounds cooler to me. But you can grab two of these to throw into your 500 series power supply, and then run buses, or full mixes through and really enhance the tone and size of your audio. This is one that virtually everyone needs a pair on in their studio.

- Ryan, Pro Audio Sales

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