Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer

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Kludge Audio 506
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Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer

The Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer features three bands of great sound, with tunable top and bottom shelf filters and a widely-sweepable midrange peaking filter. Not too wide. Not too narrow. It's just right.

The Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer is a standard inductor-based topology just like we were using in 1975, but it's built with materials and performance that were impossible back then.

Kludge Audio started with a classic inductor design and took it to the limit with custom built inductors and precision amplification that sound cleaner and more subtle than anything possible before. It's the best of old and new. It's an old design, built by hand with traditional methods and solid design, but built to be cleaner and more accurate without losing the characteristic sound of the inductor equalizer.

It's the inductor equalizer of the future!

Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer Features

  • It is a general tone-shaping equalizer, not surgical.
  • It was initially designed for classical music so it is super clean.
  • It has inductors but is quieter and cleaner than competing inductor equalizers.
  • You can make aggressive changes without the sound coming apart.
  • It can be set to well above the audible band for "air band" boost or to cut ultrasonic noise when recording at high sample rates.
  • It is hand-built in the USA, to last a lifetime.

Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer Includes

  • 506 Equalizer

What We Think

The Kludge Audio 506 Equalizer really gives me the feel of working on a console. It has such a smooth musical sound, and is the kind of EQ that you adjust to feel. The first time I used it was on guitars. I sat there with my eyes closed, listening to the track and moving knobs. It was like being teleported to back when I worked on large format consoles - like I connected to the music and could feel it. That is something you don't get often in this modern digital world. It's nice to have gear that connects you to the audio. With the Kludge Audio 506 EQ, it took no time to dial in the perfect sound. This EQ is the type of gear I want in my studio, and it definitely an outboard EQ I would highly recommend people get. It's like having the EQ section of a high-end console, but in a compact 500 series format.

- Ryan, Pro Audio Sales

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