Earthworks QTC40MP Microphone Bundle

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Earthworks QTC40MP
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Earthworks QTC40MP Microphone Bundle

The Earthworks QTC40MP Microphone Bundle features a matched pair of Earthworks QTC40 Microphones, a Earthworks 1022 ZDT Preamp and a set of Mogami Gold Cables. What else do you need for superior stereo recordings!

The Earthworks QTC40MP Omnidirectional Microphones Matched Pair are all about detail, clarity, and realism. Perfectly crafted for recording quiet sound sources with low self noise, and boosting a frequency response of 4Hz-40kHz, the QTC40 is nothing short of amazing. Yet with it's ability to handle 140dB of SPL, they can handle almost any sound source, and bring recordings to life and delivers a truly accurate snapshot.

The Earthworks 1022 Microphone Preamp is a two channel mic preamp, based on the philosophy of sonic excellence in electronics. Housed in 1 rack space, its extended frequency response and faster, cleaner time domain performance yields more life-like results.

Earthworks QTC40MP Microphone Bundle Includes

  • 2x Earthworks QTC40MP Microphones
  • Earthworks 1022 ZDT Preamp
  • 2x Mogami Gold Cables

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