Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone


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The Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone is the only kick drum microphone you will ever need! Perfect out of the box. Sculpt the sound you want.

The Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone sounds perfect right out of the box for those situations when you don’t have enough time for a proper soundcheck or for when you have volunteers on the boards at church or small venues. But it’s versatile and powerful enough to take whatever creative EQ that you want to apply for flavor.

The mic capsule features a supercardioid pickup pattern that focuses sound capture tightly on the bass drum or bass amp, helping to greatly reduce bleed from other instruments and keep feedback from onstage monitors under control. The mic features an XLR connector and requires 48V phantom power for the condenser capsule. An M2-R ball-mount mic clip is provided that allows you to quickly and easily mount the DM6 to any standard mic stand or boom and precisely adjust the positioning for optimal results. Unlike many kick drum mics that use a dynamic capsule to handle the high sound pressure levels coming from a drum or bass amp, the DM6 uses an innovative condenser capsule that delivers a rich detailed sound with a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response—all while being able to withstand SPLs up to 150 dB.

Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone

  • Condenser capsule for natural, detailed reproduction of kick drum and bass amp
  • For stage and studio use
  • Handles up to 150 dB SPL
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • Supercardioid polar pattern isolates source for less bleed and feedback
  • M2-R ball mount included for easy setup and precise positioning
  • Stainless steel chassis with black grille
  • XLR connector
  • Requires 48V phantom power

Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone Specifications

  • Type: Condenser
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Sensitivity (1KHZ): -60 dBV/Pa (1mV/Pa)
  • Power Requirnment: 48V Phantom, 6.5mA
  • Minimum Load Impedance: 1kOhm
  • Self Noise (A-Weighted): 20 dBSPL-A
  • Dimenstions (L X D): 4.97″ x 1.93″ (Includes windscreen, does not include width of M2-R)
  • Color: Stainless Steel with Black Windscreen
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs (0.58 kg)

Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone Includes

  • Earthworks DM6 Kick Drum Microphone
  • M2-R Ball Mount
  • Windscreen
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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