Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp

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The Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp breaths a new and refreshing life into the loved industry staple Shure SM7B. The 7-Up is all about action, and getting the most from your SM7B - like nothing else.

The Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp adds a new level of performance, and flexibility to the Shure SM7B. The SM7B is a wonderfully natural dynamic mic, that can handle a ton of SPL. It is loved for broadcast, snare drums, metal vocalists, and more. But, one drawback to the SM7B is the almost ribbon mic level low output.

That is where the Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp comes into play. The 7-Up not only adds tons of pre-preamp gain, allowing for more of a condenser mic level stage gain set up, it is tuned to optimize the performance of the SM7B - bringing bubbly life to your audio, in a refreshing and naturally sweetened way. This new twist makes the SM7B more versatile than ever, and is S(h)ure to quench your thirst for real results that hit the spot.

Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp Features

  • Built in the USA
  • Designed Specifically for the Shure SM7B
  • Enhances the Performance of the SM7B
  • Allows for less gain at the preamp, lowering the noise floor

Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp Specifications

  • More than 20dB of Gain
  • Phantom Powered
  • Impedance optimized for the SM7B

Crimson Audio 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp Includes

  • 7-Up SM7B Mic Preamp
  • 1 Year Warranty

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