Crimson Audio 7-Up & Shure SM7B Bundle

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The Crimson Audio 7-Up & Shure SM7B Bundle will launch your audio to new heights, with better gain staging and optimized performance - giving a more flexible and versatile tool set for your audio. The 7-Up and SM7B bundle is sure to hit the spot.

The Crimson Audio 7-Up & Shure SM7B Bundle provides a new and refreshing life to your audio that is sure to be a thriller. The Crimson Audio 7-Up is tuned to optimize the performance of the SM7B, enhancing the sound to a point where you just can't beat it. Your music and vision is important, so you can't waste time with a less than stellar sound quality from unreliable gear that always seems to wanna be startin somethin to mess up your songs. That is why the SM7B is so loved, it's natural quality sound and reliability. Yet its low output level can be a hurdle. Without enough gain from a preamp, the results may not be the best you can achieve - even when you think that is the one. The Crimson Audio 7-Up solves that problem, and it is just human nature to gravitate towards improvement.

I'll show myself the door.

Crimson Audio 7-Up & Shure SM7B Bundle Features

  • SM7B - need we say more?
  • 7-Up
    • Designed for the SM7B
    • Optimized impedance for perfect performance
    • Tons of Pre-preamp gain for better gain staging and a lower noise floor
    • Made in the USA
    • Gives great opportunities for puns

Crimson Audio 7-Up & Shure SM7B Bundle Specifications

  • SM7B
    • We've been over this, it's the SM7B. You know the Thriller mic? The mic used by metal bands like Arch Enemy. The mic used by countless drummers for snare. The mic that when paired with the 7-Up can be used for acoustic guitars.
  • 7-Up
    • More than 20dB of pre-preamp gain
    • Phantom Powered

Crimson Audio 7-Up & Shure SM7B Bundle Includes

  • 7-Up Pre-preamp
  • SM7B Dynamic microphone
  • Respective Warranties.

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