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The Crimson Audio Orange SM57/SM58 Modification is a Front End Audio exclusive, custom tuned transformer for your Shure SM57 or SM58, already mounted in a replacement handle. Simple to install, the Orange modification handle offers a rich and rounded more ribbon like sound, while remaining familiar.

The Crimson Audio Orange SM57/SM58 Modification handle really changes and elevates the standard SM57 and SM58. We all know, own, and love the Shure SM57 and Shure SM58. Whether at home or professional studios, the SM57 and SM58 have been go to mics for guitar cabs, snare drums, vocals, and more. However, we sometimes want a little more richness, depth, or air from these mics. Sometimes we want a little less, like a little less mid honk. Introducing Crimson Audio! Crimson Audio, along with the help of Front End Audio, has designed a series of fantastic transformers, pre loaded in replacement handles, ready to evolve your SM57 and SM58!

How does the Orange handle sound?
The Crimson Audio Orange SM57/SM58 Modification handle provides a full bodied and warm character, that gives your the SM57 and SM58 a more ribbon like sound. A deeper low end, smooth rich mids, and a soft yet airy top end, making it sing on guitar cabs, and adds meat to a snare. It also performs very well on kick drums, spot micing on hats, and on vocals. Pair your Orange 57 with a Crimson Audio Transformers Mogaine, and experience the 57 like you never thought possible! The Crimson Audio Transformers Orange will make you fall in love all over again. Want more!? Don't forget about the other modifications handles that we offer. Check out the White.SM, Yellow.SM and Blue.SM mods, brought to you from Crimson Audio and Front End Audio! 

Crimson Audio Ornage SM57/SM58 Modification Options

Front End Audio has made it easy to build the modification handle of your choice. However if you have any question please reach out to us and we will be happy to assit you in deciding what options best fit your needs.

  • Select Your Cartridge: Add either an SM57 or SM58 cartridge (with our without grill) to your handle. Many times we find customers will have a extra SM57 or SM58 laying around their studio that they dont mind using for this modification. If this your situation, then there is no need to add a cartidge. Howerver, if you dont want to canabilize one of your existing microphones then this is your solution.
  • Add a Granelli Audio Labs Handle: The Granelli Handle option is a 90 degree elbow that works seamlessly with the Crimson modification. It gives your mic a 90 degree angle to help improve your mic-placement options on drums, guitar amps and bass cabinets. This is a super cool addition which adds versatility to your microphone.
  • Modification: This unique modification is not only affordable, but easy to do yourself. It only takes a couple minutes with some very basic soldering skills. However, if you want to skip the extra work or don't have the tools, then we are happy to do the modification for you. When Front End Audio does the modification we will QC all parts, assemble the microphone, QC the finished microphone, secure it in its own zippered mic bag*, and get it on the way to you typically within 1-2 business days - so you are ready to go right out of the box!

*Zipper mic bag is included for free only when Front End Audio does the modification.

Crimson Audio Orange SM57/SM58 Modification Features

  • Made it the USA
  • Custom Transformer, Preloaded in replacement handle
  • Easy to install
  • Color Coded XLR connector for easy identification (Same as the SM57/SM58)
  • Laser etched Crimson logo on handle

Crimson Audio Orange SM57/SM58 Modification Includes

  • Crimson Audio Orange Handle
  • Selected Options
  • Instalation Guide
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    Crimson Orange 57 mod
    Jay Matheson

    Most engineers that have been around a while have an extra 57 or two around so this is the least expensive way ever to diversify your mic locker with a new go to guitar mic. Electric guitar often sounded a bit fizzy on top with stock 57s so the thicker sound of the Orange Mod is just what is needed. If anyone wants to record electric guitar in our studio, the Crimson Orange Modded 57 is the 1st mic that goes on the cab. I'd say 80% of the guitar and sometimes bass cabs that I record use at least 1 of these mics.

  • 5
    Athanasios K.

    Great sounding, more low end, less high mid spike, very pleased with this variation of the sm57.

  • 5
    Eliminates need for EQ, pleasant break up when pushed hard
    Jeremiah Shifflett

    Feels just like you are pushing a SM58, but you get a little more low-mid and presence, very smooth sounding. Eliminates my need for an EQ which is awesome. Nice break up, making it sound ribbon like when pushed hard. Quality product and great service too. Easy install if you can do basic soldering. Highly recommend this for those who like a 58 but often bump the low-mid and presence with an EQ. FYI it has a black wire that is not needed in all situations. You can either body ground it or clip/tape it up out of the way.. #TriggerWarning coming 12/21/22

  • 5
    A really easy mod that sounds great.
    Booji Boy

    The Crimson Audio Orange mod turns a modern 57 into an older Sm57 unidyne with less honk. I use these on guitar and Tom bottom the white mod is killer on snare.

  • 5
    the best choice for this magnificent microphone
    AlessioBlve from Italy

    over the years I have tried several SM57s, and I have noticed how the quality has changed a lot, mainly with the passage of production from the United States to Mexico. The transformer was simply changed. This Orange interpretation of the SM57 returns the original sound of the SM57 Unidyne III in an interpretation with a greater range of frequencies both high (softening them) and low, the best choice for this magnificent microphone, absolutely recommended for both vocals and players. acoustic and electric or percussive instruments.

  • 5
    Great Mod to a Stock SM57

    I was pleasantly surprised with this transformer mod. It adds a bit of low end and takes away some of the "honk" and grittiness from the highs from the stock 57. It's like having built-in EQ, making it much easier to post-process.

  • 5

    this is a great sounding mod. definitely smoother and warmer than stock 57

  • 5
    Crimson Orange SM57 MOD
    Chris Powell

    Much better sound from an SM-57 with this modification. I can't see myself ever putting a stock 57 on a snare drum or guitar cab again after owning 2 of these.

  • 5
    Chunky and crisp
    Taylor Young

    I was in the market for a new Ribbon, and I got a few suggestions from friends. Then I remembered the Orange mod from when I bought the Yellow and White versions. I tested it out on a session and was very pleased. Truthfully I hate the SM57, it’s awkward and unpleasant to my ears, but all of these mods really fix what I dislike in different ways. The Orange mod on guitars sounds super beefy, and you can cleanly boost anywhere in the low range for a nice chunk. It’s still got brightness to it, but not in that unpleasant normal 57 way. There’s not as much sizzle like the Yellow version but still plenty of bite.

What We Think


The Crimson Audio Orange SM57/SM58 Modification s my personal favorite. I love it on a 57. Being a guitarist, the SM57 on a Marshall Half Stack (what I play) is a classic tried and true set up. But there is a touch of mid honk in the SM57 (and a Marshal is almost pure mids to begin with), plus the rich smoothness of a ribbon really tames the upper mid bite of a Marshall. So having the on a 57 cartridge maintains enough of the SM57 sound that is so familiar and comfortable. The ribbon like character of the, makes it great on guitar cab, bottom snare, hi-hats, and vocals.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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