Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification

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Crimson Audio White
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Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification

The Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification gives you the popular transformerless Shure modification, without the difficult, hot-mess of the mod process... but also includes a modified Crimson Mogaine circuit to defeat the normal loss of output that occurs when you remove the transformer!

We have all heard of the transformerless Shure SM57 modification. But, we all know it is a big hassle, causes a big mess (boiled wax all over the place, and a few burns on your fingers, to boot), and a side affect is a loss of a lot of output. So why would you do it? Well, it gives you a more open, smooth, and natural sound. But why waste a perfectly good SM57, sacrifice cookware, time, and make a mess? Well, there is no need now. Crimson Audio Transformers (yes, a little ironic) has brought us the White.SM mod. This mod provides a transformerless handle, to give you that "classic" mod with ease. Either simply install it on an Shure SM57 or Shure SM58 that you already own (a little soldering required), or you buy an Shure cartridge from us and you install the mod on the cartridge for a completely new mic!

Furthermore, this Shure modification solves the problem of the significant loss in output you get from the transformerless mod. How? By providing a scaled down version of their awesome Mogaine pre-preamp device, built into the handle. So you get all the good from the mod, and none of the bad!

But wait! There's more!.................

This mod also works with the Shure SM58. But you say you like the 90 degree feature of the Granelli Audio Labs G5790? It works with those too! It really just keeps getting better and better. Front End Audio has gone the extra mile to make this an al la carte that is super simple.

1) Pick your Shure mod
2) Pick your cartridge (if you are not installing on a preexisting mic)
3) Add a Granelli Labs 90 degree conversion kit (or not)
4) Install the mod (or build it, if building from scratch)
4.5) Let us install the mod for you (if you don't want to install it yourself).
5) Enjoy!

Don't know how to install the mod, or simply don't want to? Let us do it! For a small service fee, we will QC the parts, assemble the mic, QC the finished mic, and get it on the way to you - so you can just rock and roll right out of the box.

And there you have it. That easy, that flexible, and well worth it. Also, don't forget about the killer Yellow.SM and Orange.SM mods, brought to you from Crimson Audio and Front End Audio!

Call 888-228-4530 or email us at with any questions you might have.

Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification Features

  • Made it the USA
  • Transformerless Modification with out the hassle or mess
  • Requires +48 Volt Phantom Power (99.9999% of mixers and mic preamps have it).
  • Built-in (scaled down) Mogaine eliminates the loss of gain
  • Easy to install
  • Color Coded XLR connector for easy identification
  • Laser etched Crimson logo on handle

Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification Includes

  • Crimson Audio White Handle
  • Installation guide
  • 1 Year Warranty

What We Think

The Crimson Audio "White" Modification Handle for Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones takes the trouble out of fine-tuning the response of your SM57 or SM58 microphones for use in either the studio or on stage. Basically to modify your existing microphone (or to install on an SM57 or SM58 replacement cartridge), it's only two solder connections. So, if you have a soldering iron, it's a simple installation, finished in under 5 minutes. If not, then we can do it for you!

So, the inevitable question arises: "Why would you want to modify a Shure SM57 or SM58?" That's a fair question. But here's the answer:

In the case of these Shure microphones (which are exactly the same in every way, except for the cartridge design of the SM58 which is designed to accommodate the 'ball grille'), the specific transformer utilized by Shure provides a couple of benefits... 1) The transformer focuses the frequency response specifically on pushing the mid-range - great if that is what you're after. 2) The transformer results in increased output of the microphone, and 3) helps to provide some additional isolation from noise. However, the transformer also limits the low-frequency and high-frequency response of the mic. Also, there is a particular 'congestion' imparted upon the sound delivered.

All of these things go into making the SM57 and SM58 what they are. However - what happens when you remove the transformer? And why does that benefit us?

The short answer is that the resulting sound has both 1) more clarity without additional 'poke' in the mids/presence range, and 2) a more full lower-mid / low frequency response. So, this actually works really well for drums or anything where you are looking for a bigger sound from the basic response model of the SM57/58 framework.

But what's the catch in removing the transformer? The lower-output can cause some issues; especially when used live for vocals and where there are longer cable runs (longer cabling distances between any microphone and preamp will change the impedance relationship between the two, resulting in a more dull and less linear sound).

To fix this, Crimson Audio developed a fine-tuned version of their extremely popular, high-resolution Mogaine - a fully transformer-balanced, inline "pre-preamp" for use with any dynamic (ribbon and/or moving coil dynamic) microphone to provide clean, high-resolution gain, increasing the signal to noise ratio. As a result, the WHITE handle is a perfect match for the SM58 cartridge. A popular range to attenuate an SM58 in a live mix is across 1kHz-3kHz range... which is pretty much where things smooth out without a transformer. So, it's akin to having an equalization optimized SM58, in hand. And what I've found when setting my gain structures, is that while I usually have most every mic on stage set at unity-gain (10 o'clock) on the preamp (and the channel), the vocal mics usually need to be a bit hotter (12 o'clock). The WHITE handle will compensate for this and will give you just a bit more gain, where the Mogaine will be deliver quite a bit more level than necessary... and that could cause distortions when the singer really goes for it. So, with it's scaled back "just the right amount" boost, the White handle is perfectly balanced for this application.

The Crimson Audio transformer handles are incredibly useful for helping to fine tune the response characteristics of the SM57 and SM58 microphones. The improved transformers also add quite a degree of both clarity and depth, removing the "congestion" that's often found in smaller, stock transformers. The cost is pretty low, but the results are BIG. Order a Crimson transformer mod, and get a "handle" on a better sounding SM57 or SM58. :-)
 - Front End Audio

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    Crimson Audio White SM57 Mod

    Posted by Jeffrey DeMuth on Jun 16th 2017

    Great product the modified 57 on snare drum punchy and the sound is very open. On a single guitar cabinet from the speaker out of a vintage 1965 Princeton Reverb the Crimson White held its own against a very high end Samar VL37 ribbon mic.

  • 5
    White Transformerless 57!

    Posted by James G McCurdy on Feb 13th 2017

    This is such a cool option. 1. Sounds GREAT! First use on snare for Evita pit orch. Smooooth top end, hifi sounding mic. Very clever extra mod puts head amp right where you would like it.

  • 5
    Crimson Audio products rule!

    Posted by jay matheson on Jun 6th 2016

    This may be my favorite of the three 57 mods that Crimson offers. Now using it on snare! I plan to try it on guitars soon.