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The Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification is a transformerless modification that features a modified version of the Crimson Audio Mogaine in the handle. This provides an open and balanced sound, without the loss of output gain – making it a workhorse!

The Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification gives you the transformerless Shure SM57 modification, without the hassle, and big mess. Additionally the features a scaled down version of the Crimson Audio Mogaine circuit so you do not have the output gain (just apply phantom power). With all this, the gives you a more open, balanced, smooth, and natural sound. So now you get all the benefits of the transformerless mod, with out the gain loss or headaches, and it only takes a few minutes of soldering.

But wait! There's more!.................

This mod also works with the Shure SM58. If you like the 90 degree feature of the Granelli Audio Labs G5790, it works with those too! Front End Audio has gone the extra mile to make this an al la carte that is super simple.

1) Pick your Crimson Audio mod
2) Pick your Shure cartridge (if you are not installing on a preexisting mic)
3) Add a Granelli Labs 90 degree conversion kit (or not)
4) Install the mod (or build it, if getting a new cartridege)
Alternative 4) Let us install the mod for you (if you don't want to install it yourself).
5) Enjoy!

When you want us to build the mic (or install it on a cartridge you provide, for a small service fee, we will QC the parts, assemble the mic, QC the finished mic, and get it on the way to you - so you can just rock and roll right out of the box.

Don't forget about the killer Yellow.SM, Orange.SM, Blue.SM mods, brought to you from Crimson Audio and Front End Audio!

Call 888-228-4530 or email us at if you have any questions.

Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification Features

  • Made it the USA
  • Transformerless Modification with out the hassle or mess
  • Requires +48 Volt Phantom Power (99.9999% of mixers and mic preamps have it).
  • Built-in (scaled down) Mogaine circuit eliminates the loss of gain
  • Easy to install
  • Color Coded XLR connector for easy identification
  • Laser etched Crimson logo on handle

Crimson Audio White SM57/SM58 Modification Includes

  • Crimson Audio White Handle
  • Installation guide
  • 1 Year Warranty

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  • 5
    Crimson Audio White SM57 Mod
    Jeffrey DeMuth

    Great product the modified 57 on snare drum punchy and the sound is very open. On a single guitar cabinet from the speaker out of a vintage 1965 Princeton Reverb the Crimson White held its own against a very high end Samar VL37 ribbon mic.

  • 5
    White Transformerless 57!
    James G McCurdy

    This is such a cool option. 1. Sounds GREAT! First use on snare for Evita pit orch. Smooooth top end, hifi sounding mic. Very clever extra mod puts head amp right where you would like it.

  • 5
    Crimson Audio products rule!
    jay matheson

    This may be my favorite of the three 57 mods that Crimson offers. Now using it on snare! I plan to try it on guitars soon.

What We Think


The Crimson Audio "White" Modification Handle for Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones is what I call the workhorse mod. It provides the open, balanced sound of the well-known transformerless mod (you know, cause it removes the transformer.........), but removes the hassle of that mod as well. Boiling out transformer in an SM57 or SM58 is a complete pain, and causes a huge mess. Further as stated above, you lose around 10dB of output gain. With the modified Mogaine circuit, just apply phantom power (it is required for the mod to work), and you get that 10dB back. So now you gain stage like you normally would, and have this smooth, natural sounding dynamic mic that just works on any sound source. It's also a bit humorously ironic that a transformer company makes something that removes a transformer.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

Got questions? Call me at 1-888-228-4530 I'm here to help!