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The Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box gives you a rugged road-worthy DI with a smooth sound in a small footprint. This makes the Crimson Audio DI perfect for the studio and the stage.

The Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box features everything you need in a DI box, but in a convient compact size. You get two 1/4" TS connections, which either can be used as your input and Thru. These connect to a balanced XLR connector on the output, and features the much needed ground lift switch. While a ground lift is most often not needed in a studio, home studios may not have the best wiring and environments, and the stage is 90% trouble shooting. All of this is centered around Crimson Audio's own CT-121di transformer. The CT-121di is a precision wound, hum bucking design, that is housed in a mu-metal case which provides excellent noise rejection.

Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box Features

  • CT-121di Transformer
  • All Nuetrik Connectors
  • Two 1/4" TS connectos
  • One XLR Output connector
  • Ground Lift
  • Compact Road-worthy enclosure

Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box Includes

  • Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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The Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box is very well build and perfectly quiet. The ability to use either TS jack as the input or Thru is nice, and while as a studio engineer and musician I rarely need a groud lift - it is nice to have. Sonically the Crimson Audio Direct Injection Box has a slightly rolled off top end that presents a smooth sound. I tried it with several electic guitars and the Crimson DI always provided a smooth rounded sound. The buidl quality lets me know this thing will handle the road, so I have no doubt this will be a favorite for many musicians out there.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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