Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual Ribbon Mic Preamp

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Crimson Audio Mogaine
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Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual Ribbon Mic Preamp

Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual is a phantom powered, 2-channel, fixed-gain, matched "pre" preamp that delivers 25dB of low distortion, wide bandwidth, quiet gain for your ribbon microphones! Mogaine also prevents signal content losses that occur with improper impedance matching between your ribbon mic and preamps designed for lower impedance microphones. With Mogaine, you'll finally hear what your ribbon mic actually sounds like without the collateral damage imparted by lesser devices.

If you have a ribbon (or dynamic) microphone in your audio tool box, then you should have a Mogaine "pre" pre amp next to it. Ribbon mics are great, but you've probably already found out they have a pretty low output compared to condenser or even dynamic mics. On a quiet source even with the trim set at "10", you could use some more gain. Ribbon Mics are great for certain recording and performance situations. And with models ranging from under a few hundred bucks to over a few thousand, almost anyone can find one that fits their musical taste and budget. But whether it's an entry level version or the flagship model, they share a common drawback - notoriously low output levels. The Mogaine can even be used to enhance your use of dynamic mics!

The Mogaine pre amp is a phantom powered, fixed gain pre amp that delivers 25dB of low distortion, wide bandwidth, quiet gain. It combines the noiseless gain of an input transformer with the impedance matching and drive capability of active circuitry. It allows you to dial back the gain on your mixer/pre amp to it's happy place, and still capture every delicate nuance. The 3.3k Ohm input impedance lets you hear intricacies you've been missing. Plug your favorite dynamic mic into it, and get that smooth dynamic mic sound with the sensitivity of a condenser mic.

There are other "pre" pre amps, but they don't deliver the "real world" gain of a Mogaine (ours is louder). And unlike it's competition, with a Mogaine, your mic is plugged directly into a phantom blocking transformer for an extra layer of protection. Mogaine is also available in a 2 channel version - Mogaines - for stereo pair applications.

Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual Ribbon Mic Preamp Features

  • Provides 25 dB of Low Noise Gain!
  • Provides a proper impedance relationship between your ribbon microphone and mic preamp
  • NO detrimental audio artifacts - this is a truly hi-fidelity device

Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual Ribbon Mic Preamp Specifications

  • Input impedance: 3.3k Ohm
  • Gain: + 25 dB

Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual Ribbon Mic Preamp Includes

  • Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual

Crimson Audio Mogaine Dual Ribbon Mic Preamp Downloads

What We Think

"There are a few things about the Crimson Audio Mogaine that makes it so powerful and unique. 1) It provides 25dB of gain to your ribbon (or dynamic) mic, before the preamp, giving you the gain needed to properly utilize a ribbon (or enhance your use of a dynamic) mic. 2) It provides that gain cleanly, and does not impart character - thus allowing you mic to preform it's best. 3) It provides impedance matching, so you do not lose any information from your mic, getting the proper sound. Build like a tank, the Mogaine is perfect for home studios, pro studios, and stages. A must own utility for lovers of ribbons and dynamics. Not all pres offer the gain and correct impedance to properly use a ribbon, but the Mogaine has you covered."
- Ryan

"The Crimson Audio Mogaine is a powerful box which, after I've compared several similar boxes, I consider to be the 'Best In Class.' Why? It's the one device which doesn't do weird things to the sound of the mic! Other very popular devices really tend to flatten out the top-end and impart a very specific 'character' (for lack of a better, less flattering word) over the sounds of the mics. So, popularity is not always a guarantor of quality. Where the Mogaine really excels is that the top-end opens up, the mids expand, and the bottom clears up with greater definition. What you're left with is still a ribbon microphone and all of its benefits - but you're not left with either the detriments or the collateral damage of just any old 'impedance correcting device.' The Crimson Audio Mogaine isn't the cheapest solution - but it sure is the best device of its type."

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    Posted by Marco Ramirez on Apr 21st 2015

    excellent product and excellent service thanx alan moon