Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp

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Tierra Audio Chilli
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Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp

The Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp is our most wild flavour and, without a doubt, the crispy and sharpest.

The Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp is very suitable for vocals, because can bring an amazing energy and a lot of presence: voices in-your-face! Also, many acoustic guitarists, drummers and percussionists will want to carry one under their arm at all times.

Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp Features

  • Aggressive Sound
  • In-Your-Face
  • Very Fast Transients
  • Even Harmonics
  • Hand-Crafted In Madrid Spain

Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp Specifications

  • Gain: +52 dB
  • Transformer: Lundahl
  • SNR: 63 dB @ -43 dBu, 31% THD
  • THD: 0.17% @ 1 kHz, -70 dBu
  • Input impedance: 2.4 kOhm
  • Powering: 48 Volts - IEC 61938
  • Max. Consumption: 5.0 mA
  • Weight: 0.43 Kg

Tierra Audio Chilli Preamp Includes

  • Chilli Preamp
  • Paperwork/Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

What We Think

The Tierra Audio Chilli is a very exciting sounding flavor. It has a robust mid range with a nice bite that is present, but not sharp. It overall could be compared to say a classic British sound, with a little more balance (not so low mid heavy). The Chilli will definitely liven up your audio.

- Ryan, Pro Audio Sales Manager (Front End Audio)

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