Tierra Audio Salt Preamp

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Tierra Audio Salt
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Tierra Audio Salt Preamp

The Tierra Audio Salt Preamp is the most neutral and transparent of the flavours. That is, without adding a speck of flavour, colour, or distortion to your sound.

The Tierra Audio Salt is perfect for use with your Shure SM7B microphone without adding colour, or your favorite passive ribbon microphones, protecting them from the possible adverse effects of phantom power and preserving all the original nuances while amplifying the weak signal usually generated by this type of mics so that you have no noise at the input of your audio interface when trying to compensate for that low signal.

Tierra Audio Salt Preamp Features

  • Boosted Sound
  • Ultra Transparent
  • Precision and Realism

Tierra Audio Salt Preamp Specifications

  • BOOSTED GAIN: +39 dB.
  • FREQUENCY FILTER: none, transparent.
  • HARMONIC DISTORTION: none, transparent.

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