Tierra Audio Pepper Preamp

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Tierra Audio Pepper
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Tierra Audio Pepper Preamp

The Tierra Audio Pepper Preamp brings a very defined sound, with a pinch of compression, slightly spicy but without getting hard distortion at the highest levels of signal, as is the case with Chilli, its big brother.

Its fast response to transients and its excellent level of gain will help you get a better sound in voices of many different pitches and achieve recordings of guitars and percussion instruments with a definition that will not leave you indifferent. The compression effect it provides is perfect for live vocals in musical styles such as rock, and heavy, and its infinite variations.

Tierra Audio Pepper Preamp Features

  • Defined Sound
  • Compression
  • Fast Transients
  • Even Harmonics
  • Hand-Carfted in Madrid Spain

Tierra Audio Pepper Preamp Specifications

  • Gain: +35 dB
  • Transformer: None
  • SNR: 74 dB @ -34 dBu, 23% THD
  • THD: 0.045% @ 1 kHz, -56 dBu
  • Input impedance: 100 kOhm
  • Powering: 48 Volts - IEC 61938
  • Max. Consumption: 5.0 mA
  • Weight: 0.40 Kg

Tierra Audio Pepper Preamp Includes

  • Pepper Preamp
  • Paperwork/Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

What We Think

The Tierra Audio Pepper is a unique flavor, in respect to it being transformerless - yet having a very musical and dynamic sound. It could to a degree be compared to the punchy sound of a classic American console. The Pepper will provide a musical enhancement to your sound, without altering (dramatically) the sound sources natural character.

- Ryan, Pro Audio Sales Manager (Front End Audio)

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