Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp

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Tierra Audio Cocoa
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Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp

The Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp brings a thick, dense character to your sound, with less treble and with a interesting de-esser effect.

The Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp is perfect for microphones used for podcasting, streaming and locutions. but, if you want to add a lot of colour in your music to your vocals, guitars, strings, drums… Cocoa will not leave you indifferent.

Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp Features

  • Dense Sound
  • Slow Transients
  • Warm and Colour
  • Hand-Crafted in Madrid Spain

Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp Specifications

  • Gain: +43 dB
  • Transformer: Carnhill
  • SNR: 78 dB @ -39 dBu, 1% THD
  • THD: 0.055% @ 1 kHz, -60 dBu
  • Input impedance: 4.7 kOhm
  • Powering: 48 Volts - IEC 61938
  • Max. Consumption: 5.0 mA
  • Weight: 0.53 Kg

Tierra Audio Cocoa Preamp Includes

  • Cocoa Preamp
  • Paperwork/Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

What We Think

The Tierra Audio Cocoa is a rich and full sounding character that is distinctly described by it's name. Think of a rich dark chocolate. Or in terms of audio, think of the robust and smooth rich sound of a 49. That is what you get with the Cocoa. If you need to add or enhance the heft in a track, this is the tool for that.

- Ryan, Pro Audio Sales Manager (Front End Audio)

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Front End Audio

this is nice product

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