Tierra Audio Truffle Preamp

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Tierra Audio Truffle
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Tierra Audio Truffle Preamp

The Tierra Audio Truffle Preamp is not a flavour for everyone or with which to dress up all your recordings, but a pinch on the right voice or instrument will delight your audience.

The Tierra Audio Truffle Preampis the most daring and exclusive sound. It brings an abundant amount of saturation to the sound. From the beginning, you will hear a very evident but contained and musical distortion. Many of you will enjoy this new alternative for your voices, but also for your drums and percussions.

Tierra Audio Truffle Preamp Features

  • Intense Sound
  • Hard Saturation
  • Daring and Exclusive

Tierra Audio Truffle Preamp Specifications

  • BOOSTED GAIN: +32 dB.
  • FREQUENCY FILTER: less treble.
  • HARMONIC DISTORTION: A lot of musical distortion provided by its exclusive germanium diodes.

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