Fredenstein VAS Mic Preamp

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Fredenstein VAS Mic Preamp
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Fredenstein VAS Mic Preamp

The Fredenstein VAS Mic Preamp features top of the line performance, key component to achieve this performance level is our new OPA2 discrete audio operational amplifier.

Fredenstein VAS Mic Preamp Details
The V.A.S. Microphone Preamplifier is a single channel stand-alone preamp. The V.A.S. Mic Pre features top of the line performance, key component to achieve this performance level is our new OPA2 discrete audio operational amplifier.

Another very important sound shaping component is the American-made steel-core output transformer, which has a smooth vintage sound without being dark or â?mid-rangy❠and at the same time, the V.A.S. MicPre is very quiet.

A 100K Ohms high impedance direct input is located on the front-panel, it accepts balanced and unbalanced signals, the rear microphone input is automatically disconnected when a plug is inserted in the DI connector.

Fredenstein VAS Mic Preamp Features

  • The features include a maximum gain of 65 dB, Output-Level Control, a 20 dB Pad, switchable polarity, selectable input impedance, switchable Low-Cut filter, and Phantom-Power support.
  • Our new eight LED Peak-Meter with a 50 dB range gives the user a precise reading of the operating conditions.
  • For added versatility, a hybrid headphone amplifier with separate volume control is integrated to allow precise monitoring.
  • The balanced input and the balanced output are available on XLR and TRS connectors.
  • An unbalanced insert is also provided to connect outboard equipment.
  • With the optional rack mount kit, two V.A.S. devices can be mounted together to form a 19 inch 1U enclosure (table feet need to be removed).
  • For easy touring and recording around the world, the V.A.S. Mic Pre has a built-in universal power supply ranging from 90Vac to 240Vac, 50 -60 Hz

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    VAS preamp

    Posted by B Morris on Aug 29th 2016

    I was surprised at how quiet this preamp was. It has plenty of volume for my ribbon mics in fact they sound awesome in it. I don't compress much going into tape and mine don't need any outside help. It really sounds great with my strat too, its the iron. Its a little dark but very well defined. Thats what I do for live stuff. It's very unique and hard to compare with other stuff but I love it

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    Good value

    Posted by LDolamore on Feb 27th 2016

    I use a Focusrite ISA One in my modest home studio. I wanted a second mic preamp for greater recording flexibility, primarily two mic recording of acoustic guitar but wanted a preamp at lower price than my Focusrite. While reading on-line reviews of numerous preamps in the $350 or lower range I found the Fredenstein. This was a new name to me but reviews were good so I gambled.

    I've used the preamp only a few hours so the jury is still out, but it is certain that the amp is clean and has no background noise that I can hear. I like that it imparts no particular "flavor" to the sound because I want a clean un-muddied sound. When I want to warm the tone a bit more I insert my Warm76 compressor. I'm not one with a golden ear who can hear a big difference between components such as transformers. Again, keeping in mind I've used it only a few hours, the Fred sounds as good as the Focusrite to me. Since I like my Focusrite that is a good thing!

  • 5
    Great value and product!

    Posted by Shawn Conroy on Feb 24th 2015

    I was looking for a new preamp in the $300 or so range and found this floor model of a brand I'd never heard of frankly. But, I researched online and checked the specs and thought "What the hell, it's a great deal" and bought it. So far I've tracked vocals and guitars, it blows away my interface preamps and my trusty old Symetrix SX202. Nice, clean gain. I've tried with dynamics and with a Cloudlifter my vintage EV RE16 and 635A sound like butter. I didn't like it with my SM7B but it wasn't unusable. I think we'll be hearing a lot more about these preamps in the coming months.